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Perspective in Action by David Chelsea

|"Perspective in Action" by David Chelsea is an art book that teaches you how add dimension and depth to your work.  Dimension is one area that I have hard time understanding how to put dimension and depth in my drawings.  This book really has very good exercises on how to draw dimension.  Now not only does it give step by step instructions but they are set up like a graphic novel so it makes it even more interesting and helpful since it is done as drawing itself.  Also it was interesting to learn older techniques and newer techniques. I highly recommend this book if you have problems with dimension and depth.

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Manga Art by Mark Crilley

"Manga Art" by Mark Crilley is a book of the artists inspiration and techniques for his art.  As a beginner artist I have always enjoyed learning and understanding a professional artists inspirations, also their techniques.  I may never be at the same skill as the author but I was really encouraged by his writing of how he did was inspired on his work.  Also it was nice to see him write about how after he finished a piece he realized the character should have a tattoo so he added it digitally (which he said was rare for him).  This was such a beautiful and informative book, I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested Manga art.

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The Divide by Jolina Petersheim

"The Divide" By Jolina Petersheim is not your typical Amish romance fiction it is about Leora Ebersole trying to figure out how to survive mental, physically and emotional after an EMP bomb destroyed the power grids.  Survival is the main focus of the book and Leora having to decide between a young Amish man she grew up with and a man she only met due to the crisis happening.  This was an interesting story even though it was book two in the story you can get away with not reading book one.  However book one was just as good as this book with a great story that did rely on the romance section of it.  When you get dystopian style books you almost never see ones that involve the Amish and that is what makes this book very special. I highly recommend this book.

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Portrait Revolution by Julia L. Kay

"Portrait Revolution" by Julia L. Kay is a book about portraits that are done from all over the world and in different mediums of art.  This book was such a beautiful and interesting collection of portraits.  They are not just portraits in painting style but in needlework, abstract style, digital printing, and other mediums.  I especially loved the ones that are in different mediums like the abstracts and the ones of babies.  What more can I say as this is such a beautiful book that shares the portraits and the artists.  This is a great book for any art lover and I highly recommend it.

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The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch

"The Tech-Wise Family" by Andy Crouch is about making sure you using technology in a positive way for your family  This was interesting and informative book but I thought it relied to heavily on statistics.  Statistics can be twisted to however you want your reader to see them so any book that relys on them to make your point is not a great book to me.  Now don't get me wrong it still was good but not as good as it could have been.  It had some great principles that are recommended but you have to be careful cause it could easily turn to legalism.  I do recommend it but with warning to just to know it is heavy on statistics and don't fall into the legalism trap.  
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Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson

"Threads of Suspicion" by Dee Henderson is Evie Blackwell novel, Evie is an investigator for the state police on the governor's special missing persons task force. In this one Evie and her new partner David Marshal are both investigating two different cases that are not similar but turn out they could be connected.  This was a very interesting novel in which you see how to twisted some people are.  Also I really enjoyed seeing the character of David Marshal especially since his characters was not thrown in to be another love interest for Evie.  We do have a romance bit to this novel with Evie's character but the main focus I thought was the David's love interest's learning to trust God while David is new in the faith.  This was a really good book with a good mystery that I really liked.  So, I highly recommend it.

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Know Who You Are by Tim Tebow

"Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters" by Tim Tebow is a book meant for homeschoolers to help them find their identity in Christ.   This was an interesting book on finding your identity in Christ while also showing you how to work on your personal character.  Each chapter has a short amount of reading and then a writing exercise.  It written and geared toward homeschoolers especially since Tim Tebow was homeschooled but I think it would work even for kids that are not homeschooled.  He really encourages young people to do what is right according to the scriptures even others around them are not.  It was an uplifting book that encourages our youth not discourages.  It makes them focus on Christ not just themselves.  I highly recommend this book for anyone in my opinion.

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The Con Man's Daughter by Candice Curry

"The Con Man's Daughter" by Candice Curry is the memoir of the author's childhood as she dealt with the chaos her dad left in his wake as a con man.  This was an interesting book of how even thru her struggles as a child and as a young adult God was faithful to bring her to Him.  It was interesting plus sad to read how hard her mom worked but how her dad used material things to say he was a better parent.  Sadly parents still do that to this day.  This author was not a delusional woman who thought her dad was a con artist he really was and after his death she learned more on who wanted to know what he knew it was intriguing.  Also this book deals with how suicide affects the people that are left behind.  If you like powerful memoirs then I highly recommend this book.

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The Maggie Bright by Tracy Groot

"The Maggie Bright" by Tracy Groot is about a young woman named Clare Childs inherits a boat named the Maggie Bright and across the channel an British Army is hoping to seek refuge in a harbor named Dunkirk.  This was a slow book that almost read like two different stories that really never combined except the area of Dunkirk is what was in common between the two stories.  I was very disappointed in this book as I hold Christian authors and publishers to a higher standard language wise as the world will be the world but Christians are to be different.  This book used a word that in England is considered a cuss word.   If a Christian author would not use the cuss words of America then don't use other countries cuss words.  Also the story was just all over the place and I could not get into it all.  So because of the language and the story was not good I can not recommend this book from a Christian author.

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The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple

"The Gatekeepers" by Chris Whipple is about how the White House Chiefs of Staff are very important to each president and how they need not be just another yes man to the president.   It starts with Nixon's chief of staff and ends with an epilogue about how Trump's choice in Chief of Staff is very very important to his controversial presidency.  This is a very interesting book even if you are not that heavy into politics.  I will admit I was unsure of this book because of the line it would have to stay on not to be politically motivated one way or the other.  For me it gave the good and bad of all I thought it was well done.  So I do recommend if you are interested in a position not really talked a whole lot about unless something bad or something really good happens.

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The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis

"The Ebb Tide" by Beverly Lewis is about Sallie Riehl who as a young Amish woman has heart to travel well when her big plans change she becomes a nanny for a non-Amish family for the summer away from her home.   This was not your stereotypical Amish story yes it did have the normal romance but the story was more about Sallie discovering what she believes and wants in life.    This was a sweet story with some of the typical things you see in Amish fiction but not everything.  One thing that was nice to read was that we did not have the typical someone was being shunned this book had more of a family supportive attitude than the shunning attitude of some.  I really liked the story of Sallie finding how she fits in this world and not just going with the flow.  I highly recommend this book it is one of Beverly Lewis's best books.

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Dream With Me by John M. Perkins

"Dream With Me" by John M. Perkins is a book not only about race relations but also a memoir of the authors life.  I wanted to read this book as Christians seem to think that race struggles have gone away in America when they have not.  Seriously churches as a whole in this nation are still segregated by race in a lot of areas.  It is a serious problem we need to confront and face with the truth. Mr. Perkins writes such a powerful book and will make you think on people that have been oppressed.  One of my favorite quotes is " People often say they need to be a voice for the voiceless, which sounds good but often ends up becoming imperialistic and patronizing.  The oppressed already have a voice; the problem is that no one is listening."  We need to start listening and this book can help us do that.  We need as believers to open our eyes to the world outside of our little areas and see what Christ is calling us to do there.  It might be just prayer but it also migh…

Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon

"Sandpiper Cover" by Irene Hannon is another book in the Hope Harbor Novel series.  In this we find the police chief and single mom Lexie Graham trying to figure out how to help a young man up to no good change his path and she decides to enlist ex-con Adam Stone in her idea for the youth.  I knew going into this book that it would be a partial romance and good novel book but this author does not make her romance stories extremely sappy.   Also even though Hope Harbor is made up some of the surrounding towns the author writes about are not and they are very beautiful areas that she writes about.  The author is really good at writing about small towns and the attitudes in them.  It is a great book with a little mystery that is not a murder mystery and with over all good story.  I really hope that there is more books in the works in the Hope Harbor series.  I highly recommend this book for a good novel that takes place on the Oregon Coast.

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Pursued by Lisa Harris

"Pursued" by Lisa Harris is another book in the Nikki Boyd series, in this one Nikki is on a flight home that crashes and the woman sitting next to her is missing but not on the list of passengers.  So she finds out her seat mate is a key witness in a major trial and was with an air marshal for her safety.  This was a very good book that turned into not only a missing persons story but a corruption story and of course of murder mystery.  The things Nikki finds about her seat mate Erika is very interesting and how you never know what the person that is sitting next to you might have gone thru or going thru. I would like to see a side book wrote on Erika's story pre-meeting Nikki.  This was a well paced and really told a good story.  I highly recommend this book and this author she is a very talented author.

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The First City by Joe Hart

"The First City" by Joe Hart is the final book in the Dominion Trilogy where we find Zoey finding out that she is the key to the salvation of the human race.  She sets out to go to Seattle the last American city not sure what or who she will find.  This book is the best book of the entire series as it did not remind me of any other story.  This one felt more like to me that it come directly from the author's own imagination without other stories bled in.  It was the best written of the books and made me want to read even more books written by this author.  The story moved in a very good pace and it answered so many questions that the other two books did not answer and even answered questions I didn't even think of.  It wrapped everything up in a neat little package.  I would even like to see another series off of what happens in the end, I so wish I could explain that more but if I did it would give away the story.  I highly recommend this whole series of books it i…

The Final Trade by Joe Hart

"The Final Trade" by Joe Hart is the second book of the Dominion Trilogy a dystopian style novel about a young woman named Zoey learning to live on the run outside of the compound that she was kept all her life in a society where woman are rare.  The first one of the series reminded me of a different take on the book "The Handmaid's Tale" which I enjoyed but I really liked this series better.   Now this one we get away from the compound where Zoey was raised and see what happens to her on the outside the main side story is that of the "circus". Which is more of a slave trade with fights for the prizes which are women.   Also we learn more of the side stories of the people who are helping Zoey keep safe and heal physically and mentally. Now this book had a lot of things that reminded me of Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome.  But at the same time it was unique in it's own way.  Without giving any away as I have read all three books in the series I will …

Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta

"Treasures in Dark Places" by Leanna Cinquanta is about a woman and her mission to some of the roughest parts of India.  I chose this book to review as I thought it would be about her missionary work in India as that is how it is portrayed to be about.  But I was wrong it is mainly and I mean 90% her testimony and not about her missionary work.  There is a little bit at the end about her work of getting girls out of the sex trafficking but that was it.  Before I get into my next point that really bothers me I want to preface by saying yes I know if a book is going into certain countries they cannot name Jesus otherwise the book will be banned.  But you can make versions for those countries.  I was very annoyed that the author constantly kept referring to God and Jesus as the mystery or my beloved.  I have problem with author's writing books about their supposed faith in Christ to American readers and they won't name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It felt like sh…

The Inkblots by Damion Searls

"The Inkblots" by Damion Searls is about the creator of the ink blot test and even the history of the test itself.  I have always been intrigued on how psychiatrists used to use the inkblot test to find out different mental health issues.  My husband even had the test done to him as a child by his school which was weird to me since I never had it.  The first part of this book was kinda a small biography on Hermann Rorschach the creator of the inkblot test and how he came to create it.  The second part of was about the use of the test and how it slowly went out of favor. I really enjoyed this book as I always like to learn about unique things our society has done or used.  The man Herman Rorschach was actually more interesting than the ink blot test.  I had no idea he was around the same time as Freud and other now well know founds of modern psychology.  Also it was interesting learning how accurate at times the inkblot test was and then how wrong it could be which could hav…

Quick Tips For Busy Families by Jay Payleitner

"Quick Tips For Busy Families" by Jay Payleitner is a book about slowing your families life down with 144 different strategy.  I realize reading this book that my family is really not considered a busy family by this book.  Why do I say this is that a lot of these strategies my family has done for years.  For example we have always done the road trip games, not hide the yearbook, playing chess, etc.  Still there was some very good other strategies that I really did like the reminders of such as avoiding hypocrisy.  This was a very good and helpful book and I highly recommend it.

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Deep Extraction by Diann Mills

"Deep Extraction" by DiAnn Mills is a FBI Task force novel about FBI agent Tori Templeton investigating the death of her best friend Sally's husband's death.  Also newly reinstated Deputy US Marshall Cole Jeffers also friends with the family joins the investigation.  While they are both investigating this Tori's partner Max is really not being a good cop as his brain is not in the game since he dealing with his own personal issues in his life.  This was very good murder mystery yes it does have a romance section to it, however, thankfully it was not a big portion of the book.  At first I thought they gave away the murderer right away but they didn't.  I really enjoyed how they kept showing that if you have a hidden life it will come out and it's not pretty.  This was a very enjoyable murder mystery even though at times I wanted to reach thru the book and smack the character of Max. I highly recommend this book for any murder mystery fans.

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Murder Is No Accident by A.H. Gabhart

"Murder in No Accident" by A.H. Gabhart is the third book in the Hidden Springs Mystery book series.  Deputy sheriff Michael Keane is called into look at an accident at a home that yeah is very similar to one that happened in the past.  Everyone thinks odd but when another body shows up then everything is looked at differently.  I really enjoy this murder mystery series as it takes us thru a small town that ends up with more interesting things happening than you would believe.  This was very interesting murder mystery that had some side stories that really were heart wrenching especially one with Miss Fonda who has Alzheimer's.  This was the best book of this series so far and I have really enjoyed every book in it.  The more this author writes the more interesting this little town and its people get.  I highly recommend this book.

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Raging Storm by Vannetta Chapman

"Raging Storm" Vannetta Chapman is the second in The Remnant series of books involving what happened to a community when a massive solar flare takes out technology around the globe.  In this book Shelby Sparks is on the search to get medicine for her son who is a type 1 diabetic and must have his insulin.  This was a well paced book but bits of it was like I was reading a book taken from parts of the movie "Escape From LA".  Yes I know a not a very good movie but it reminded me of it to the point that at times I was waiting for Snake Plisskin to wander out into the book.  Don't get me wrong it was a well written book dealing with societies break downs and a mother's love for her son.  But some points I just felt like I had read parts of the story before.  Even with that I will recommend this book as it was a good book.

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Murder On The Moor by Julianna Deering

"Murder On The Moor" by Julianna Deering is another Drew Farthering mystery this one takes place in the midst of the Yorkshire moors.  Where an old school friend of Drew's contacts him about some mysterious things going on in his town of Bunting's Nest.  It takes place in the early 1900's which makes it more interesting to me.  Now this book did start out very slow for me but I kept with it and I am very glad as it turned to a very good mystery.  It had very good story line once it got going.  I really liked the characters and even would like more about Drew's friend and his wife.  As I thought those characters could make a good book on their own.  The first half of the book you might think you know who did the crimes but when a certain story line is added then you kinda have an idea who it is but I won't give that part away.  This was just a good clean murder mystery that I highly recommend.

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The Coming Apostasy by Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley

"The Coming Apostasy" by Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley is about the rot that is inside the church not just from the outside.   As Christians we have a tendency to forget that apostasy is going to come from within not from the outside.  This book did not hold back on the different ways false people will come in to the church.  Which was interesting but my favorite chapter was chapter 8 when the author's discuss the false Christ's people have created.  The reason this chapter was my favorite is that it not only brings up a hipster Jesus but the most popular one in conservative circles the American Patriotic Jesus.   They don't hold back that there are Christ's created by groups to fit their needs that have similar points to the Biblical Christ but are not the true Christ.  I highly recommend this book.

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Life After by Katie Ganshert

"Life After" by Katie Ganshert is about Autumn Manning the only survivor of a train bombing and Paul Elliott who lost his wife in the bombing.  This book is about healing and being truthful with yourself and the world.  This was interesting book on how two people come together as unexpected friends due to a severe tragedy.  Also it touches on how lies from the past can come up and hurt you in the present I can't clarify anymore of that as it will ruin the book.  The characters and their history was well written.  Also the story kept at a good pace while bringing up the past of the bombing but not dwelling on it. I really liked how the author did a story on what happens to survivors either of the bombing or the family left behind.  It was very good novel and I highly recommend it.
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Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley

"Justice Delayed" by Patricia Bradley is Memphis Cold Case Novel, crime reporter Andi Hollister's sister was murdered and the killer is going to be put to death very soon but is he the killer.  New evidence/incidents show that maybe killer that is behind bars is not the killer.  Andi and Detective Will Kincaide must find who the truly killer is before someone else gets hurt as they unlikely fall in love. The book starts out with Andi's sister before her murder and then gets to the present very fast.   This was very intriguing book with a little romance but mainly mystery.  This book did not make the police always look like the hero's or well I can't say what I was thinking as it will give away the killer.  It developed the character very well and really developed the feelings of characters trying to come to terms with that their family member's killer might not be in jail.  So much more could be said but I don't want to give anymore away about it.   …

In the Shadow of Denali by Tracie Peterson

"In the Shadow of Denali" by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse is the first in "The Heart of Alaska" series. It takes place in the early 1900's as Cassidy Ivanoff and her father help with coming visit of President Harding's visit.  Cassidy is a cook's assistant while her father John is an exploration guide for wealthy clients.  Years prior John was with a group that lost a member the father of Allan Brennan whom has come to Mount Denali to find out answers on why or how his dad died.  This book was interesting on bringing true history of Alaska with a fictional mystery and romance story.  The mystery is the main portion of the story.  I really liked how the authors intertwined the main characters history with the present.  This was well written book that had a very entertaining story without a huge amount of romance or drama to it.  I highly recommend it as a fun read and can't wait for the next book in the series.
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Human Acts by Han Kang

"Human Acts" by Han King is about a violent student uprising in South Korea in the 1980's from the perspective of the victims and those that were left behind.  This book was powerful and graphic.  No not sexual graphic like so many today but violent graphic.  As it really explains in detail what has happen in the violent uprising to the victims.  It is not a pretty thing and it is not a book to read if you get queasy easily.  It also dwells into the mental damage done to the survivors.  Oh this book is so hard to read but at the same time very powerful.  The ways people have suffered to fight for what they think is right is so evident in this book.  I highly recommend it as it is a powerful read but be warned it is stomach churning.

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Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig

"Conspiracy Of Silence" by Ronie Kendig is the first in the book series called the Tox Files.  The book follows Tox the brother of the President and the President's sister in law Kasey Cortes as they find the cure to ancient plague that dates back to Moses.  This was an interesting book but its story line is definitely one that you have to stretch your belief in some areas specifically the section on the plague returning.  Another area of the book that I had a hard time with was the past of the characters we do get a bit of their history but it almost feels like we should already know the history of the characters.  A few times I felt like I should have read the first book but then I remember I am reading the first book in the series.  Overall it was a decent book but I kept getting confused at points so I don't think I will read anymore in the series.  Had potential but not for me.

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The Sisters Of Sugarcreek by Cathy Liggett

"The Sisters Of Sugarcreek" by Cathy Liggett is a book about three women finding friendship with each other even though they all are different ages and come from different lifestyles.  What do I mean lifestyles well Lydia is Amish, while Liz and Jessica are not.  Jessica is a single mom and Liz is an older widow.   It starts out right out with learning how each woman gets connected with each other and goes on from there on their relationships and their individual pasts.  It does have a bit of romance but the bulk of the book is all about the women's friendship developing.  It is a very sweet and caring novel showing our just a bit of kindness can bloom into great friendships.  I highly recommend this book.

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Another Day Another Dali by Sandra Orchard

"Another Day Another Dali" by Sandra Orchard is the second book in the Serena Jones mystery book series.  Serena Jones is an FBI Special Agent that works art forgeries. In this book she is doing her grandmother a favor by taking a case involving a forged Dali.  She is also hoping to get her grandmother's approval finally.  I really like the mystery portion in this book.  However, just like in the first book the character of her Aunt Martha gets on my nerves.  She is always interfering and to the point it puts her niece in danger.  Her character pulls me out of the story so much so since in real life her niece Serena would get into so much trouble with her Aunt interjecting her self into any investigations.  The Aunt almost ruins the book series for me but not completely.  I still enjoyed them so I will continue to recommend this book series.

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Kirk and Anne by Kirk and Anne Douglas

"Kirk and Anne" by Kirk and Anne Douglas is the story of Kirk Douglas and his second wife's Anne love story written today and from their old love letters.  Their relationship has got to be one of the longest relationships/marriages in Hollywood as they have been married since 1954.  I like reading about actors or actress from what is considered old Hollywood and this one really intrigued me.  Their love story is so interesting and its not one of everything was great they had their ups and downs.  They even discuss their relationship as it is at the writing of this book.  I will admit that sometimes I felt a little embarrassed reading their love letters as I felt they were private. However, it was nice to read about such a loving and caring couple.  I really recommend this book especially if you are a fan what is considered old Hollywood.
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What is Reformed Theology by R.C. Sproul

"What is Reformed Theology?" by R.C. Sproul is about understanding the basics of reformed theology.  Even though this book says it is about understanding the basics but it is really in depth not a milk type book at all.  This was very meaty book with quotes and history from past reformers also with a lot of scripture. My favorite section was on understanding faith alone.  Not only does it explain reformed theology but it also it breaks down and explains the acronym TULIP.  Well wrote book that makes some hard things in theology easier to understand.

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Remember & Return by John MacArthur

"Remember & Return" by John MacArthur is a 31 day devotional about rekindling your love for the Savior.  Like any book that comes out of Grace to You this is a very meaty book not an easy read.  It makes you really think and dig into the scripture.  It is a really good devotion on remembering our first love in Christ.  Each day has a verse, a devotion, and a daily challenge.  This was breath refreshing devotional about not focusing on self but on the Lord.  I highly recommend this devotional.

I was given this book for free from Baker Books and was not required to give a positive review.

Home by Elyse Fitzpatrick

"Home" by Elyse Fitzpatrick is about us longing for heaven and the new earth.  I really had a hard time reading this book as it seemed to be repetitive for me.  Also the author made me feel like I should be discontent with my life here on earth.  Don't get me wrong I look forward to heaven and the new earth but we are supposed to be content with where we God has us according to scripture.  But there was some parts I did enjoy. I also did agree when the author brings up that life here is going to be and is hard but we need to remember this is not our home.  So on that note I will recommend this book but just know it was a hard one for me to read.

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The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell

"The Tunnels" by Greg Mitchell is about the tunnels people used to escape the Berlin wall and how documentaries about them was hid by the media.  This book was interesting and boring at the same time.  I really liked the how it gave us stories about people who escaped under the Berlin wall and the stories of the people who helped them escaped.  But the book was written in such a dry way that it was hard to read.  Plus it almost seemed like the author was shocked that the media or our president hid things from us.  Seriously the media as always done that and same with our presidents, nothing new there.  I do recommend it if you like these type of true stories of escape but be warned it was boring.

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The Zigzag Road to Happy by Anita Heavens

"The Zigzag Road to Happy" by Anita Heavens is a novel about the adventures of a teenager named Nicola in London.  Nicola's story is really her trying to find happy in life whether it be friends, boyfriends, or what ever else that she wants to try.  Her life is not that of a wealthy high society girl its that of a poor girl from a dysfunctional family.  Her story does take turns that you expect but then portions you don't.  It was good book but just had some very slow points for me which is why it took me awhile to read it.  I recommend it but be warned for me at least there was a few slow points that took me awhile to get through.

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