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The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M. White

"The Lost Heiress" by Roseanna M. White is about Brook Eden who at first thinks she is a nobody but thanks to her friend Justin finds out she is an heiress but the strangeness of her mother's death when she was an infant haunts her.  The book takes place in the early 1900's in Monaco and England.  I love historical novels so that is why I chose this one.  The first little bit delves into the budding romance that you know that is there between Brook and Justin but they don't realize its their. But the rest of the book is about why was Brook missing and the truth behind her mother's death.  This book tuned out to be a excellent mystery novel with romance as the side portion.  As soon as I picked it up I could not put down the story is so intriguing and the characters are very well developed.  Even the back story of some of the side characters was well thought out.  I really enjoyed this book and I really want to say more but if I do I will give away the story …

The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick

"The Memory Weaver" by Jane Kirkpatrick is the author's latest historical novel this one about Eliza Spalding Warren who as a child was taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians during a massacre in 1847.  After the death of her mother when she was a teen we start read about Eliza's current life, her memories of being taken captive and her mother's recollection of the events that her mother wrote in a diary. I am a big fan of Jane Kirkpatrick she is an excellent write of historical fiction.   I love how she researches her main characters true history and intertwines it with her imagination so much so that I sometimes forget that I am reading a fictional novel.  This was yet another book that I just could not put down. The powerful story of Eliza Spalding Warren is such a good one that I am having a hard time writing this review as I don't want to give away much of the story.  Now I will admit I did not know anything of the Eliza's story so that for me made thi…

Blessed Blessed Blessed by Missy Robertson

"Blessed Blessed Blessed" by Missy Robertson is the story of her and Jase Robertson's life before their daughter Mia for a short part of the book while the rest is on the powerful story of Mia born with a cleft palate and lip. This book came in the mail just at the right time for me as we were just getting ready to go to our states children's hospital to have a medical test done on our son that could have been very serious (turned out to be nothing but a fluke in the testing at our local clinic).  This book was so powerful and uplifting I really could not put it down.  I really enjoyed Missy's honesty on how she felt and how Jase reacted to everything that they have lived thru in their married life with their children.  She was very open and honest on the feelings during all of Mia's surgeries and obstacles in life.  Mia is such a treasure and blessing to her family and community, I really can't wait to see where God's plan for her as an adult is.  S…

The Original Jesus by Daniel Darling

"The Original Jesus" by Daniel Darling is a book about tearing down the myths our society has created about Jesus.  This author does not mix words and is willing to tear down Christian society sacred cows.  What do I mean by sacred cows I mean the attitude such as Jesus would be a conservative Republican or a liberal democrat (it always was interesting to me that people think he would be either one).  In other words beliefs that people will argue with you over even though they can't back it with Scripture.  He also goes after the super  popular word of faith or otherwise known as the name it claim Jesus.  Or the Dr. Phil Jesus which is the Jesus that will make your life better and not about salvation from sin.  He really tears into the false Jesus's the American church as build up which I was very thankful that he did.  But I will call irony on one of the recommendation on the back of the book which is the recommendation of Jim Daly president of Focus On The Family.…

Born To Be Awkward by Mike Bender & Doug Chernack

"Born To Be Awkward" by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack is a book of photos of awkward baby photos from the awkward family photos website.  Overall this book was so adorable with the cute photos and silly photos of babies.  I love how photos don't always go the way the photographer wanted especially with babies.  I learned to love odd baby photos as when my youngest was a baby he would make sure and poop so bad that we had to change his outfits from the one I likes to one that I did not like as much.  So baby photos that are not overly staged and show the baby's personality are fun.  Another fun feature of this book as the last chapter was set up for you to add your own fun photos into.  Now there were some things I did not enjoy about this book which were a baby looking at a playboy sorry but no.  Then I am also just not a fan of photos of babies looking like they are flipping off the camera so no for me on those.  Other than that it was very cute little book for a q…

On This Foundation by Lynn Austin

"On This Foundation" by Lynn Austin is the third book in "The Restoration Chronicles" book series.    This one is about Nehemiah going back to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  I enjoy how this author takes what happened in the Bible story and make a story around it.  But she does not add or take away from what we know from scripture which is nice.  The other major portion of the book is about a wealthy woman Chana and her story of marrying after her first finance died and her love for God and the nation of Israel.  Also of the young woman Nava who would becomes the bond servant of Chana's new finance.  Lynn Austin as usually writes a very good story while developing the story of side main characters so much that I forget I am reading a fiction novel.  The stories of Chana and Nava are so well done I would even like to see more books are just their stories.  I really want to say more about their stories but I don't want to give away the book.   Lets just sa…