Thursday, May 22, 2014

Personal Post on My Health

Ok this is probable the most personal post I have ever written on this blog.  After walking the color run this last weekend, I have realized I really need to lose some weight. My thyroid is finally under control and I have no excuse.  Yes I know I am very busy but I need to get healthy again and do it as a lifestyle change not a fad diet.  I am very self conscience about my weight as I used to be an anorexic before I had my oldest (I still fight thinking I am much bigger than I am).  When I found out I was pregnant with him, I changed my habits to make sure he was healthy.  But now I know I am overweight/obese even though all my blood work is healthy.  I know I need to get into better shape for my family.  I know also that I have never shared a photo of myself on my blog but tonight I will now I am going to share my Color Run photo, with the Lord's help this will be my before photo. For my very few readers out there please help encourage me thru this journey as I know it will be tough.  But I pray that by this time next year I will have lost at least 15 pounds which will bring me back under 200lbs. My goal is to be back to a weight higher than I was when I got pregnant with my oldest but lighter than I was before my pregnancy with my youngest which will put me at a healthy weight for my height and bone structure.  I have hidden health issues that will not make this easy but I am going to work thru it.  I can only do this with God's grace and mercy.  So please remember to keep me in prayer while I do this change. So my changes will probable be a new post style I will be posting along with my normal book and rant posts.

This will be my before photo.


  1. Definitely will be praying for you, Marie! You can do this! :)


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