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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is about a young woman named Angel a soiled dove in California's gold country in the 1850's.  The term soiled dove, for those who are unfamiliar with the seedy side of history, is another name for prostitute.  This book is supposed to be more modern take/version of the Hosea story but from the viewpoint of Angel the soiled dove.   Angel is a young woman who has been abused in every way by people in her life until a man named Michael is told by God to marry her.  This is her story of the battle of her learning to trust others and most importantly to trust God.

I admit there where parts of this story that where a little to detailed so its not one for a young girl.  I did not think I would enjoy this book but the forgiveness shown is very powerful.  However it does talk about some very touchy subjects such as child sex abuse (which caught me off guard as most try to gloss over that it happened even in the past), sex trafficking, and mental abuse…

Can laundry be a blessing?

I know a quick answer is yes of course it is, God provides us with clothing. But that's not what I was reflecting on today.

A little over 3 years ago, we almost lost our youngest (I know most of you know this but I bring it up a lot as reminder to people to never take for granted that your children will always be healthy and be with you until you die).  Anyway back to laundry.  See I never thought of laundry as a blessing just a never ending chore like dishes.  However when you are at a children's hospital almost 4 hours away living in a hospital room with your child you want something from your normal routine.  Our son was originally in ICU after being life-flighted from our home then was transferred to a regular room. Once they got his lungs stabilized (his right lung had started to collapse from undiagnosed severe asthma) we were able to leave his room as a couple without leaving his Aunt there with him (until then we made sure someone was always in his room with him).  We …

Booking Through Thursdays

I am answering the Thursday's question on Booking Through Thursdays.  Today's question is below.

Do you have a preference between “person” in the books you read? Do you prefer third-person to first-person? Or don’t you care?
And … why??

I really don't have a preference.  But if it is in a first-person style then it does not need to switch between different characters in first-person, because I get very confused when an author does that.  Other than that I only care if the story moves along, does not drag, is not over done, that it does not have any sex scenes and very little cussing (yes I read books with some cussing if I am reading books from certain viewpoints or era's then I am going to expect some bad language but not a lot).

However if I am reading a biography written by the person its about I do expect it to be a first person otherwise I don't believe they wrote it. 

Now friends do you have a preference?