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The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith

Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith is the true story of how Jennifer married the man of her dreams thinking that life will be peaches and cream after marriage.  But, quickly she finds out that marriage and sex is not always what it seems.  Suffering from an undiagnosed health issue cause issues for her and her husband in the intimacy department.  Her husband and her learned thru all their issues to lean on Christ in ways that they neither had done before marriage.

This book is a wonderful help for any married or even single woman.  It helps to remind us that even if we start our marriage on the right foot no sex outside of marriage it does not mean it will be a wonderful experience.  Sometimes as a woman who did not wait until marriage it seems like we get the attitude of if you had waited everything would be perfect in your marriage simply not true.  Marriage is not easy no matter how the relationship started.  I was really thankful to finally read a book on someones marriage that was…

Life Stages, Cliques and just life.

Rant Ahead

I have been thinking on life stages when it comes to friends and cliques lately.  As my oldest is getting ready to graduate high school and get into the workforce.  And my youngest is almost 11 so he will be leaving the nest in about 7 years.  It will be interesting for me as right now most of my friends are from my homeschool co-op and they have children that are younger than my youngest so they will be there longer than me. So I am in an odd stage of life when it comes to friends.  When I am outside of co-op or church most people rarely talk to me. I know part of it is that I don't have the money to go to all the events they do, my husband works nights so most women I know do things together during the day so that they don't take away from time with their spouses which is fine but for me during the day is when I spend time with my husband.  Plus I work part-time besides homeschool.  So friends are hard for me to come by.

 Its sad how our society dictates age grou…

Asthma rant

Rant ahead.  Asthma the blown off disease.  What do I mean by blown off disease?  What I mean is that most people think its not a big deal and just blow it off.  It gets on my nerves as a parent with a child that suffers from Asthma and not the form most people are used to (he doesn't wheeze just coughs or his throat sucks in).  Yes I know I go on and on about this but its important to me.  I almost lost my youngest due to undiagnosed asthma which long story short he had a lung started to collapse so he ended up in our states children's hospital in ICU (by life flight) for about 2 days then in the normal portion for a couple more days (don't ask exact days as it was about 5 years ago).  Since then I have had so many people actually shocked that I make him carry his asthma inhaler in a fanny pack that when he remembers it, he carries all the time.   Anyway back to the topic. Asthma is not something to be messed with. Asthma does kill people yes not as many as it did before …

Elsa Schiaparelli by Meryle Secrest

"Elsa Schiaparelli" by Meryle Secrest is a biography on the unique famous designer Elsa Schiaparelli whose designs where at the height of the time between the World War's.   I was very interested in this book because I like unique designers but it flopped big time for me.  Elsa Schiaperlli might have been an interesting person but this book did not bring that out at all.  I had a very hard time reading so much so that I could not even finish it.  I usually love biography books and just read them very quickly but this one was horrible it jumped around.  I got of information on her husband in the first part of it.  I would have to re-read sections over and over again just to see if I understood what the author was trying to say.  I did love the photos of the woman's creations though but that was the only positive I had from the book. So I was very disappointed could have been a great biography but it wasn't.  I will say read this book for yourself as you make enjo…

Counter Culture by David Platt

"Counter Culture" by David Platt is his newest book on not going along with the culture on hot topics in society such as poverty, same-sex marriage, abortion, and more.  Until this book I have never read a David Platt book but I had heard of him. Truthfully, I am always leery of a new popular author. I was afraid that it was going to head towards the attitude if you don't do what I say then you are not a Christian.  The author did not do this however at first it did start to seem like it was going to head that way especially in the poverty section but then the author clarified things for me/  Clarification was that we need to listen to the Lord for our convictions not others convictions if its not a black and white section in scripture such as our lifestyle.  The main thing is that we need to seek God's kingdom first not earthly things which does not mean you have to be in poverty yourself.  Ok onto to other sections the author does not mix words on abortion, homose…

Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson

"Romancing Your Better Half, Keeping Intimacy Alive in Your Marriage" by Rick Johnson is a book about keeping your marriage solid through out your or your spouses life. I was interested in this book as I have a solid marriage but I am always interested in reading about ways to keep in solid.  It is from a man's point of view but still very good for women to read also. Also it is from a Christian stand point so if that turns you off then don't read it.  This was an excellent book it did not give the fake attitude of if you do this everything in your marriage will be perfect.  The author does not mix words that marriage is work and not candy and roses.  I really appreciate that.    The author does bring up that what has happened to us in our childhood does affect our marriage and future. Which is true as I see that so much between my husband and I.  He also gives us practical ways to help or build up marriages even more.  Another thing that did impress me with the aut…