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Counterfeit Gospels by Trevin Wax

Counterfeit Gospels by Trevin Wax is about naming the six major false gospels out there and countering them with the true Gospel. The six false gospels he writes about is the therapeutic, the moralist, the activist, the judgmentless, the quietest, and the churchless gospel  I probable read this book a lot slower than I should but I wanted to let it soak in.  Unlike some discernment books I have read where they just point out the false gospels out there and never point us to the true Gospel of Christ this one does both it points us to the true Gospel of Christ then shows us the false gospels out there. The judgmentless, the moralistic, and the the activist false gospels out there are the ones I really was glad he broke down as I see them happening so regularly even in my small community.    The judgmentless gospel is about how this gospels says that God will not judge us.  We can forget as Christians that we  are actually being saved from God's judgement on us (Romans 2:5-11).  The…

The Sentinels Of Andersonville by Tracy Groot

The Sentinels Of Andersonville by Tracy Groot is a powerful historical fiction novel that takes place during the American Civil War.  For those who have never heard of Andersonville it was a prisoner of war camp of the south's located in Georgia.  I was very excited to read a historical book that takes place in Andersonville as it was the most notorious and deadly of the prisoner of war camps during the Civil War.  This book deals with not only the happenings in the camp but also people outside and the southern soldiers and doctor who worked in the camp. The main character in the book named Violet Stiles whose father is a doctor in the camp cannot believe the deplorable conditions of the camp and wants to help the soldiers being held prisoner there.  This causes a lot of problems for her and her family as people start to treat them as traitors.. However Violet ends up with very few fellow supporters with one who happens to be a guard in the prison named Dance Pickett.  Dance has …

Miss Brenda and the Loveladies by Brenda Spahn and Irene Zutell

Ok this one book I just can't give an overview of without my thoughts at the same time so here goes.  This is a very powerful book about Brenda Spahn and her dream of helping women convicts become full members of society.  Here is a link to her website The Lovelady Center.  Brenda felt the Lord's calling for her to open a center to help women straight out of prison to become complete women and not just send them back to the life they had before.  I will warn you that there is some strong language and details of the women's past but you can't expect flowers and sunshine from ladies that have been in prison.  This was a wonderful book on how Brenda and her first group ladies overcame each others thoughts and prejudices about each other.  We sometimes forget as Christian that we are too love all people even people that are just getting out of prison and they are sometimes the ones that need the most love.  Miss Brenda shows that love and the ladies also show her the same…