Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon

"Sandpiper Cover" by Irene Hannon is another book in the Hope Harbor Novel series.  In this we find the police chief and single mom Lexie Graham trying to figure out how to help a young man up to no good change his path and she decides to enlist ex-con Adam Stone in her idea for the youth.  I knew going into this book that it would be a partial romance and good novel book but this author does not make her romance stories extremely sappy.   Also even though Hope Harbor is made up some of the surrounding towns the author writes about are not and they are very beautiful areas that she writes about.  The author is really good at writing about small towns and the attitudes in them.  It is a great book with a little mystery that is not a murder mystery and with over all good story.  I really hope that there is more books in the works in the Hope Harbor series.  I highly recommend this book for a good novel that takes place on the Oregon Coast.

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Pursued by Lisa Harris

"Pursued" by Lisa Harris is another book in the Nikki Boyd series, in this one Nikki is on a flight home that crashes and the woman sitting next to her is missing but not on the list of passengers.  So she finds out her seat mate is a key witness in a major trial and was with an air marshal for her safety.  This was a very good book that turned into not only a missing persons story but a corruption story and of course of murder mystery.  The things Nikki finds about her seat mate Erika is very interesting and how you never know what the person that is sitting next to you might have gone thru or going thru. I would like to see a side book wrote on Erika's story pre-meeting Nikki.  This was a well paced and really told a good story.  I highly recommend this book and this author she is a very talented author.

I was given this book from Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group for free and not required to give a review.

The First City by Joe Hart

"The First City" by Joe Hart is the final book in the Dominion Trilogy where we find Zoey finding out that she is the key to the salvation of the human race.  She sets out to go to Seattle the last American city not sure what or who she will find.  This book is the best book of the entire series as it did not remind me of any other story.  This one felt more like to me that it come directly from the author's own imagination without other stories bled in.  It was the best written of the books and made me want to read even more books written by this author.  The story moved in a very good pace and it answered so many questions that the other two books did not answer and even answered questions I didn't even think of.  It wrapped everything up in a neat little package.  I would even like to see another series off of what happens in the end, I so wish I could explain that more but if I did it would give away the story.  I highly recommend this whole series of books it i…

The Final Trade by Joe Hart

"The Final Trade" by Joe Hart is the second book of the Dominion Trilogy a dystopian style novel about a young woman named Zoey learning to live on the run outside of the compound that she was kept all her life in a society where woman are rare.  The first one of the series reminded me of a different take on the book "The Handmaid's Tale" which I enjoyed but I really liked this series better.   Now this one we get away from the compound where Zoey was raised and see what happens to her on the outside the main side story is that of the "circus". Which is more of a slave trade with fights for the prizes which are women.   Also we learn more of the side stories of the people who are helping Zoey keep safe and heal physically and mentally. Now this book had a lot of things that reminded me of Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome.  But at the same time it was unique in it's own way.  Without giving any away as I have read all three books in the series I will …

Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta

"Treasures in Dark Places" by Leanna Cinquanta is about a woman and her mission to some of the roughest parts of India.  I chose this book to review as I thought it would be about her missionary work in India as that is how it is portrayed to be about.  But I was wrong it is mainly and I mean 90% her testimony and not about her missionary work.  There is a little bit at the end about her work of getting girls out of the sex trafficking but that was it.  Before I get into my next point that really bothers me I want to preface by saying yes I know if a book is going into certain countries they cannot name Jesus otherwise the book will be banned.  But you can make versions for those countries.  I was very annoyed that the author constantly kept referring to God and Jesus as the mystery or my beloved.  I have problem with author's writing books about their supposed faith in Christ to American readers and they won't name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It felt like sh…

The Inkblots by Damion Searls

"The Inkblots" by Damion Searls is about the creator of the ink blot test and even the history of the test itself.  I have always been intrigued on how psychiatrists used to use the inkblot test to find out different mental health issues.  My husband even had the test done to him as a child by his school which was weird to me since I never had it.  The first part of this book was kinda a small biography on Hermann Rorschach the creator of the inkblot test and how he came to create it.  The second part of was about the use of the test and how it slowly went out of favor. I really enjoyed this book as I always like to learn about unique things our society has done or used.  The man Herman Rorschach was actually more interesting than the ink blot test.  I had no idea he was around the same time as Freud and other now well know founds of modern psychology.  Also it was interesting learning how accurate at times the inkblot test was and then how wrong it could be which could hav…

Quick Tips For Busy Families by Jay Payleitner

"Quick Tips For Busy Families" by Jay Payleitner is a book about slowing your families life down with 144 different strategy.  I realize reading this book that my family is really not considered a busy family by this book.  Why do I say this is that a lot of these strategies my family has done for years.  For example we have always done the road trip games, not hide the yearbook, playing chess, etc.  Still there was some very good other strategies that I really did like the reminders of such as avoiding hypocrisy.  This was a very good and helpful book and I highly recommend it.

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