Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eden Hill by Bill Higgs

"Eden Hill" by Bill Higgs is a the debut novel of the author.  It takes place in the 1960's in the town of Eden Hill in the state of Kentucky.    It is really a story about a group of people in the little town but mainly focuses on the stories of Virgil T. Osgood, Cornelius Alexander, Reverend Eugene Caudill and the families of Osgood and Alexander.  All the people involved are having to face changes in their lives and how maybe nationwide changes can change them.  This book main story is about how each person faces the obstacles in their lives, from career to family to just everyday life.  It was a fun nostalgic type of book that was just a well written story not romance, not mystery, not thriller just about day to day life.   I will admit it was slow at times but over all I thought it was a well paced novel.  But it was so nice to just read a fun novel with no sex or even violence just a good old fashioned story.  I highly recommend  this book for anyone wanting to read just a good plain story with no agenda.

I was given this book from Tyndale Publishers for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

King's Folly by Jill Williamson

"King's Folly" by Jill Williamson is a fantasy novel that is about the King of Armania and his son trying to figure out his place in their world.  Depending on the type of fantasy novels I can enjoy them.  However, this one I am not a fan it was so drawn out with so many different characters that I could not keep track of whose who in it.  I kept picking up and then putting down cause I just could not get into.  The main character Prince Wilek was interesting but there was so many different characters that I lost track of people and got confused.  I will admit it was a very descriptive book but not my type.  If you like fantasy novels with a lot of characters with a lot of detail then this is for you.

I was given this book from Bethany House for my honest review and not required to give a positive review.

Si-Renity by Si Robertson

"Si-renity, How I Stay Calm and Keep The Faith" by Si Robertson is more stories from Si and on his faith in Jesus Christ.  I will admit I haven't watched Duck Dynasty in a couple years but I am a Si fan as I really enjoy how honest he is no matter what.  That honesty is why I was more and happy than happy to read this book before it was released to review it.  Si does not hold back and tells us the truth about his life even pointing out that some things in the show are scripted.  He talks about how his faith has brought him to different places and how he shares it.  Also he talks about his relationship with his family and even the time of his heart issues.  His book is a refreshing and interesting book to read on a simple living man who keeps his feet cemented in Christ no matter how famous he gets.  I highly recommend this book as it is funny, interesting and encouraging.

I was given this book from NetGalley for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.

Friday, August 26, 2016

More Than Rivals by Ken Abraham

"More Than Rivals" by Ken Abraham is a book about 2 young men in the 60's and 70's one white (Eddie Sherlin) and one African American (Bill Ligon) coming together as friends at a basketball championship in Tennessee in 1970.  What was so important about his tournament well it was between two schools that were still mostly segregated with very big amounts of racism still lingering around in their portion of Tennessee.  This was a very interesting book and is one that I think should be read by a lot of people. We tend to forget that some areas racism was not that long ago and in some areas it is still happening to this day (I have seen it even in my little area of the world). We also forget that some of the racist adults from then are still alive and the children they raised to be racist are still alive.  Why do I say that well think about the 2 young men in this book are only in there 60's now and some of their classmates were raised to be racist.  Back to the book, I really enjoyed that Eddie Sherlin kept remember that there is no difference in race in God's eyes.  As Christian's we should be known as not racist people but sadly that is not always true.  Reading about their childhoods and lives that intersected at different times was very interesting.  I normally am not a big fan of reading about a sports even but the climax of this book the basketball tournament was very interesting and well written.   Now I will say that I am not sure about all the in depth conversations being remembered perfectly from a least 46 and more years ago.  But other than it still was a very good and powerful book to read and I highly recommend it.

I was given this book from Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mommy Needs A Raise by Sarah Parshall Perry

"Mommy Needs A Raise" by Sarah Parshall Perry is about the author's story of being a mom.  I will admit this book was kinda of a disappointment for me as I was expecting more of book with funny stories about motherhood with some advice in it.  Yes that was in the book but a good chunk of the book was all about the author and her getting her law degree.  Also her missing being out in the world using her law degree.  It still was a fun book to read but it took me awhile as I was looking for something more focused on motherhood while this felt more like a memoir.  I still recommend it as a fun book to read.

I was given this book from Revell a division of Baker Publishing for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.