New York Street Style "A Coloring Book" by Zoe de las Cases

"New York Street Style: A Coloring Book" by Zoe de las Cases is a coloring book about New York street style fashion.  This is a fun coloring book that is not about the people but the fashion of the normal person in New York.  Now I may not seem like the person to like fashion which high fashion I am not a fan but the everyday person's style interests me.  New York has such a unique street style that this coloring book shows which is really cool because you get to choose the colors and add your own flare if you want to.  The paper is not a thin paper it is a thicker paper so that makes it nice to color.  I highly recommend this book as a fun coloring book.

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More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom

"More Than Just Making It" by Erin Odom is a very good memoir and about your finances when you are at the end of your rope.  This book was so powerful and good especially being honest and up front on how the church treats the poor.  The author does a really good job on explaining on how if we really need the help from the government we shouldn't be embarrassed or treat others bad for it.  I really also enjoyed how the author explains that churches in America today are not very good at helping or treating the poor with respect.  One of her examples was a great one which was instead of having a bible study to help our poor members at a coffee shop (most never go because they can't afford it) have one at a Laundromat.   I really understood what the author was trying to explain on how can treat the poor better in our churches.  I also completely understood her feelings of inadequacy at church as my family has been at the extreme poverty levels before and we noticed peop…

Convicted by Jameel McGee & Andrew Collins

"Convicted" by Jameel McGee & Andrew Collins is a true story about a crooked cop and the innocent man he put away and forgiveness with unexpected friendship between the two.    This was a very powerful book Mr. McGee's side of the story being locked up for something he was framed for and the aftermath it caused it heartbreaking.  While I give Mr. Collins so much credit for not holding back on the lies and nastiness he did as a police officer.  I think the part of their story I really was happy to read was that while Mr. Collins expecting the thin blue line of officers to protect him they did not and did what a good officer should do which is be honest and uphold the law even if the perpetrator is a fellow officer.  The power of forgiveness in their story is so strong that they not only ended up going to the same church and becoming good friends that can count on each other.  I highly recommend this story of forgiveness and God's work in our lives.

I was given th…

Cherished Mercy by Tracie Peterson

"Cherished Mercy" by Tracie Peterson is the third book in the Heart of the Frontier series and this one is about the youngest of the sisters Mercy.  In this one Mercy has decided a few years after turning down her childhood sweetheart in marriage that she will leave the Willamette valley to go Rogue River Valley to help friends of the family during a tough time.  She is in the Rogue River Valley when a battle between whites and the native Americans is at a dangerous breaking point.  While I have really enjoyed this book series as it showed both sides of the Indian wars that happened at the time.  The main character Mercy shows love to others that most at the time would have hated and even to people who want to harm her.  This was a beautiful story of mercy and of loving others no matter what who they are.  I highly recommend this book.

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Fatal Trust by Todd M. Johnson

"Fatal Trust" by Todd M. Johnson is about Ian Wells a young attorney trying to keep his dad's office alive while taking care of his mom with Alzheimer's.  With all the stress he gets a job that he should turn down but doesn't out of need and this job will shake him to the core while putting him in danger. This was an interesting book at first I did not think I would like it but the more I read the more I could not put it down.  I really liked how this book dealt with the sins of the past can affect the future.  Also on how greed can make people do horrible things.  Ian's character is well developed and really shows his feelings and confusing during the whole story.   This was a well written and well paced book that I highly recommend.

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The Real God by Chip Ingram

"The Real God" by Chip Ingram is a book about the seven attributes of God.  This was a very interesting and detailed book on God's attributes.  Each attribute is well explained and how we are to respond to each attribute.  This was a very informative book that I did enjoy except for one thing that seems to be normal thing in these type of books.  What is that one item?  Well it is the use of multi different versions of the scripture.  Why if you are solid in your doctrine do you need to mix the use good translations with bad paraphrases such as the message.  The mix of translations and paraphrases always seems to border on the trying to make scripture fit your beliefs.  Even with that issue I still recommend this book as it was a good study,

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Fault Lines by Thomas Locke

"Fault Lines" by Thomas Locke is a very fast paced book about Charlie Hazard and what happens to him once he meets a mystery woman.  This book was so not what I was looking for.  I enjoy psychological thrillers but more on the realistic side this one to me was just all over the place.  The story was on the extreme not believable side for me.  The characters were not likeable or even relatable they were just over done stereotypes I see in a lot of thriller and sci-fi books.  The story seemed familiar to others I have read and just not for me. I really never got into it, seriously I just finished cause I was bored if not for that I would finished it.  I just can't recommend it.

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