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Wings Of Glass By Gina Holmes powerful book

Wings Of Glass by Gina Holmes is a powerful book. But it is not for women that have been physically abused as it may bring back bad memories. This book is a good insight into a woman in an abusive relationship.  It was very well written I felt like I was reading an actual letter written by an abusive woman to her son.

Its starts with a woman Penny writing a story her and her husband Trent's story to her son so that he can understand his dad and not be like his father. She explains how they met and how he started to abuse here physically and mentally.  She was very dependent on him until he was injured in an accident at work so she has to support the family. She then meets 2 women who help her gain strength in the Lord and make her question the abuse by her husband.  Penny also wrestles with the idea of would God want to stay in a very abusive marriage where her life is at risk.  I don't want to give away any more of the story.  But it is very powerful.

It was a hard book to …

Moving With Books

I starting to answer the question on the Booking Through Thursday blog.

Today's question books and moving.  Usually when I move I rarely ever get rid of books.  Most of the times the question is, does the place we are moving to have space for our books.  But half way through moving though I usually go ugh how many more boxes of books do I have left to move.  That's just mine both of my children have a lot of books also.  We mainly have a lot of non-fiction and for some reason a box of them seems heavier than a box of fiction books.  But in my opinion books are knowledge and knowledge is power. And you can't depend on that the Internet/google will always be there to answer your questions.  Besides sometimes you can't find the information that older books can give especially if the online information has been compromised.


First Warning Controversial topic ahead and this is been in my mind for the last year and decided I will get it out. It is not about anyone one person.

Why the topic of attitudes?  Because, as a Christian woman I see so much of the high school look down at others or the gossip attitude among us so called sisters in the Lord.  I don't care if its Facebook or in real life.  We are to be sisters in the Lord not catty claws out attacking each other.  Yes they are areas we will not feel the same on who cares if it is not a salvation issue.
I know personally I do get treated sometimes like a leper  for one reason is because I wear skirts all the time.  I don't believe is is something for everyone it is a personal conviction of mine only, but it seems to rub other women the wrong way.  Different ideas on non-salvation issues should not separate us from fellowship with others. Even sometimes its as simple as you go to a different church than I do so I will look down upon you attitude.…

Duck Dynasty Fans

Okay to my duck dynasty fans out there.  Phil Robertson's book Happy, Happy, Happy is a must read.  He is very honest about everything always points to Christ as the reason he was saved..  I sometimes get annoyed by Christian biographies as they have a tendency to say look at me, look at me and not at Christ but not this one.  Phil is very open about the damage he had done in his life and how it was Christ that saved him and not himself.  My local fans that know me it is at our local library for non local fans please check your local library or if you can afford it buy it you won't be disappointed (for me to say that its rare!).

Intro to my new blog

First of all if you want to complain about my grammar then please leave cause I admit it is my weakness in writing.  And I bounce between thoughts a lot also.
I have had a few blogs before this one even one in 1996 and I toyed with the idea prior to that of having my own BBS board (for us old nerds who remember those).  I plan on using this one to review books, talk about homeschooling, what the Lord is doing in my life and whatever else I decide to use it for.  The reason for the title is I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth.  So know I probable will step on toes or break my own (which is funny since I did do that and I am in a boot right now cause of it).
I have 2 sons a teenager, a elementary school aged child (8 year age difference but that is what God planned for my husband and I) and a child in heaven (I lost one to a miscarriage I talk about it more now cause I realize it can help other women know that others have gone thru it also). I only home school my youngest and m…