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Book reviewers

WARNING a bad saying is used as I was repeating what was said by a radio personality.

Ok I was listening to a radio "star" personality (I am not publishing his name as I don't think that will add anything to my thoughts) and he said something that kinda made me mad as a book reviewer. He was talking about how we should not give any credence to someone who writes reviews  and has never wrote a book or published anything. Well I am sorry that is baloney.  He was saying this cause someone wrote a 1 star review  on a friend of his book on Amazon (major author he said) and that made him mad (he called them a piss ant and a 14 year old living in mom's basement). Saying we are reading reviews of people that have never written a book or have been published or sold a single thing also same thing with music artists. Even saying why do you think your opinion matters it may matter to God but not to the rest of us.  I did agree that we shouldn't be nasty or mean or if we woul…

Wildwood Creek By Lisa Wingate

Summary "Wildwood Creek" by Lisa Wingate is a Christian novel that is a mix of historical and current times. It is about a community called Wildwood Creek.  In the 1860 it involves a young teacher named Bonnie Rose and her little sister and how/when the town of Wildwood Creek mysteriously disappeared.  In present day it involves Allie Kirkland who is working for a movie company filming a docudrama about the town of Wildwood Creek on its actual location.  Allie finds herself connected to Bonnie Rose and her own mystery happening while she is at the Wildwood Creek location.

My Thoughts Sometimes books that go between the past and current times it gets on my nerves but this one did not do that.  It was very clear when it when to the past and when it was in current times.  This was a nice mystery not over done and not very slow.  I was intrigued by each story and how they end up coming together.  Yes there was a little romance in it at first I did not even notice it so that was n…

Pain of Food Allergies

Warning this long.
Heartbreak.  The moment when your child starts crying in the doctor's office as some of his favorite foods are on his allergy testing list.  You have to be strong and try not to cry with him so he can see that mom knows we can get thru this together.  Those who know me I am not a crier take me too a sad movie and its doubtful I will cry even my family calls me cold-blooded at times.  For me to want to cry and have to hold it back is rare. So you know I was heart broken for my child.  My youngest was diagnosed on Tuesday with more food allergies.  The old ones are dairy, red and yellow food coloring.  The new ones are Wheat, Almonds, Soy, Chicken Eggs, Walnuts, Bananas, Cantaloupe, and Pumpkin.  My son  loves his Almond milk, eggs, and Bananas (it did not even dawn on him at first what all has wheat and soy in it).  I am already used to the great hunt for dairy free items but the new ones of wheat, soy, and eggs are the hard ones.  I don't live in an area whe…

Six Days by Ken Ham

Summary "Six Days, The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church" by Ken Ham is a book on how specifically the American church's foundation is being crumbled away because of how people treat the book of Genesis. It goes into detail on how we treat the book of Genesis specifically how we treat creation reflects on what is happening to the modern church.  And that does not believing in the 6 day creation cause a door of compromise into the church.

My opinion I started this book before the Ken Ham/Bill Nye the Science Guy debate and then finished afterward and I am glad I finished it afterward.  It was a powerful book really making me think of more on how the Bible is treated.  It answers the questions that most Christians ask about the six day creation for example why can't we believe that God used macro evolution to do creation. This book really challenged me to look deep into the creation argument and want to look more into it.  I am not a person to give away too…

The Power of a half hour by Tommy Barnett

Summary The Power Of A Half Hour by Tommy Barnett is a book about defining your life in 15 minute time frames.  It is about changing your life in 15 minute spans. Author's website

My Viewpoint Yes I know my summary was short but I could not summarize a horrible book that has description that does not match its actually content in my opinion.  Yep, this ones goes on the pile of horrible books.  At first the author starts us with the premise of  that we change things in our life with 15 minute segments then it all goes down hill.  This author loves to name drop throughout the book more than he references scripture.  Take out his little bits of scripture and I have a book that could be written by Dr. Phil or Oprah.  The scripture references are almost an after thought.  This book is so superficially in my opinion its mainly about how great his son's and his churches are and how great they themselves are.  Its a look at me book.  The whole focus is on himself and his son and not Go…