Monday, May 9, 2016

Homeschooling Stereotypes

Ahh the life of a homeschooling mom.  Yep another weird thoughts from me that may step on toes.  So here goes.  Please read thru to the bottom to understand my point of this post.

Stereotypes - my truth
1.  Only homeschool - Nope my oldest graduated from public High school.  My youngest started homeschooling after 1st grade in public school.  Homeschooling is not a salvation issue so it may not be right for everyone.
2.  The homeschool uniform (long jean skirts, jumpers and if you have sons they are in a polo shirt and slacks) - Nope, jeans with black t-shirts, accessories that may have bats on them or studs or spikes, boots most of the time (and not the in style ones more like platform, or dr. martens style or studded type) and almost always wearing an old biker leather.  Yes I do still wear long jean skirts they are comfy to me.  My youngest son t-shirt and jeans, I think he might own one polo shirt but no slacks.
3.  Never read or listen to secular books or music.  - This one makes me laugh as my house we love to read lots of variety of books for example one I read recently for fun was on the funeral home industry and death (not including the one I just reviewed).  Music in my house is very varied our playlist might have a classical song, then a secular hard rock song, then Christian rap, then blues, then country, then a Hymn, then maybe a French song, and then who knows what the next song will be.  If a song is not blatantly anti-God we will  listen to it.  But be warned there are a lot of modern Christian music songs that are actually anti-Bible if you take them to the scriptures so those go thru big scrutiny also.
4. Die-Hard republican - nope die-hard independent as the republican party is no different from the democrats and its been that way for years not just recently.
5.  Does not work outside the home - I have a very part-time job to help pay for a few of our bills.
6.  Homeschooling is easy - Can I laugh my head off on that one.  Yeah right.  Yes there are easy days but then there on insanely hard days.  But over all its so worth it as his education levels have gone up so much more since we started homeschooling him and with my husband's work schedule he gets more time with our youngest.

Why did I share this because I am tired of seeing and hearing the attitude of all homeschool families fit into one little type of box.  No each family is different and we need to remember that as homeschoolers or even not homeschoolers.  Also as homeschoolers or any Christian we need to stop trying to fit the mold that our society either secular or Christian has set for us and be how God created us.  The only caveat is that it needs to be in line with scripture not against scripture.

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