Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fixing Perfect by Therese M. Travis

"Fixing Perfect" by Therese M. Travis is a murder mystery about psychopath killer who is obsessed with disabled artist Robin Ingram.  This was a tough book to read if you are not interested to read about kidnappings of kids and murder of an adult close to them.  This was a very good murder mystery novel with just the right amount of detail so that it was not too graphic.  Now I will admit the one point in the book that kinda of annoyed me was how easy it was for me to figure out the bad guy.  I can't write about how I know who it was as if I do it will be way to obvious if you decide to read the book.  I really enjoyed how the author dealt with false accusations. This was really good book with some really great characters.  I would love to see more of the main characters in this book. If you can't tell I highly recommend it.

I was given this book from NetGalley for free and was not required to give a positive review.

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