Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Breathing Room" by Leena Tankersley

"Breathing Room' by Leeana Tankersley is book about letting go so you can live life.  First off I can't recommend this book at with a good conscience. I knew when I just started reading this book that I was not going to like it.  She right off the bat puts "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin as an excellent book.  I am sorry but that book was awful, yes I know it was wrote in the 1800's and was ground breaking at its time but I just could not stomach it.  So I was already on high alert when I started reading then not too much farther in the book she starts quoting Carl Jung a man who was the father of analytical psychology who also was a pantheist (the belief that the universe is identical with divinity).  She very rarely references the scriptures almost as an after thought.  Mainly she talks about her life (which is fine and what I was looking for) but then discusses how different people (personal friends, historical people or modern people like Stephen King) helped her learn to breathe (I am still confused by that).  I am sorry but I see in nothing about needing to learn to breathe in the scriptures but I see that we need to be born again by God himself.   I could go on but I will not as this was enough for me to know I do not recommend this book.

This book was given to me by Revell Publishing a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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