Friday, September 2, 2016

Rants or complaints or just being honest

Possible toe stepping thoughts but mostly odd and funny.  Please enjoy this photo of my water glass my hubby bought me over a month ago.  Yes that is a skeleton in the background his name is skelly we used him to teach our son the bones.  Isn't the human body amazing if it wasn't for the skeleton we would be a blob.

I realize I have not done a rant/complaints in couple months but most of my rants are ones that need to be kept in my head otherwise people might take them the wrong way.  So here are some minor rants/complaints.


1.  Putting on garage sales bites.  I love going to them but I almost make no money when we have them.  Just not good at them.

2.  Birthdays as an adult can suck.  My hubby decided this year for my birthday we were actually going to do something but then his phone broke so the little extra he was going to spend had to go to get him a new straight talk phone.   Birthday's for me just seem to be another day.  Truthfully when it comes to birthdays sometimes I miss being a kid for the parties and presents.  I know selfish but hey I am being honest.

3. Being left out and ignored is not fun.  Lets just leave that one at that.

4.  Not finding a nice pair of black jeans at the thrift store in your size is sad.  Yeah I know a small one but I would really like a pair of non-faded black jeans.

5.  The house is never completely clean.

6.  The weight is not coming off as quickly as I would like.

The Good
1.  My family loves me dearly.

2.  I will be 39 this month and my oldest will be 20 this month also.

3.  At the thrift stores I have been finding a few more funky styles that I like I can buy when I need the clothes.

4.  I have a home to clean been close to homeless before with my family I would rather not be that close to it again.

5.  Google play rocks I can have such a variety of music on it that I never know whats going to play on it.

6.  The weight may not be coming off that fast but I am getting thinner and stronger.

So here is a rant or complaints or good post for this quarter.

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