Sunday, November 22, 2015

You tube recommendation.

 I am going to start a new type of post on my site which is you tube recommendations on which sites I like and why. My first one is one I was shocked to find out that does not have many viewers as the lady is wonderful.  She only has a little under 6,000 subscribers (I know that is a lot but not really in you tube land), She is so wonderful.  Her you tube name is The Glamorous Housewife.   She does things vintage with a modern twist.  I just love her site.  She is very relateable and professional with her videos.  I have gotten ideas from her and her site has been even an encouragement for me.  I love vintage things specially home decor and depending on my mood even some clothing but I like to add modern things to it.  Even my husband who does not like to cook (not all her videos are on cooking) likes to listen her videos with me. She does not even know I exist but I want to encourage her and for more people to see her wonderful videos.  So please go check out the The Glamorous Housewife on you tube and at

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