Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hipster Animals by Dyna Moe

"Hipster Animals, A Field Guide" by Dyna Moe is a comical little book about making fun of the different types of hipsters out there.  I will warn you this book does have a bit of crudeness to it.  Why did I pick it to review because I love to visit and people watch in one of the cities people consider the land of the Hipsters which is Portland Oregon.  It does have some fun points to it I especially liked the little section on food trucks (another thing Portland is known for and they have some great food trucks).  Some of the animal characters are funny but then some have just too much crudeness to make them funny for me.  It was sad this book had so much potential for me but it fell flat.  I love weird humor but not when it has crudeness to it and this book had to much for my tastes.  So I will say this book had potential if crudeness does not bother you then have fun reading it. However if crudeness bothers you then stay clear of it.

I was given this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.

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