Sunday, May 10, 2015

30 Events That Shaped The Church by Alton Gansky

"30 Events That Shaped The Church" by Alton Gansky is what the title says 30 events that the author believes shaped the church the most. This has a lot of different views on some well known and some not so well known events in Christian history.  This is not a strictly history book but a mix of history with the authors viewpoint on bits of history.  I will admit I did learn more about some events but some I was just not sure as being a big thing to Christian history.   Those ones are the Jesus movement and the Scofield Bible I am just not sure if I agree with author's view point.  I liked this book but I did take it with a grain of salt as its not strictly a history information book but a viewpoint book with history spread throughout it.  So I will recommend it with the reminder that it is not a strictly history type book.

I was given this book from Baker Books a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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