Thursday, August 14, 2014

Part 3 The blessings of the Elderly. The bad

Ok like I said in the previous one in this series where I was talking about the good examples of the elderly.  Now I will be focusing on the bad.

Now I will be first to admit I don't trust people automatically just cause they are elderly or even young.  I have personally known, or have read about elderly that are physically, sexual or emotional abusers.  Our society has a tendency to automatically think oh that elderly person is harmless when in realty the person may be a registerd sex offender or even worse one that was not convicted of it (not all offenders have been caught). You will hear people say no way that elderly person could be an offender and also they will say the person is nice (Hello bad guys don't have scarlett letter on them to warn you and also sexual abusers are usually very charismatic).  I have heard of people saying oh that person is in the their 70's they are harmless when that is not the truth. Just cause someone is advanced in years does not mean that they are a safe person now that they are elderly.  I have read police reports of people in their 60's and older being arrested for rape, murder, and even drug dealing.  Age does not make a person less of an abusers or less of a jerk.  They are still sinful humans.

So whats my point in all of this? Its that we need to respect people no matter what their age is.  And we need to be leary of people no matter what their age is.  Just to remember people are people and as a Christian all ages need the Gospel not just the young and middle aged but also the elderly also.

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