Monday, March 27, 2017

The Inkblots by Damion Searls

"The Inkblots" by Damion Searls is about the creator of the ink blot test and even the history of the test itself.  I have always been intrigued on how psychiatrists used to use the inkblot test to find out different mental health issues.  My husband even had the test done to him as a child by his school which was weird to me since I never had it.  The first part of this book was kinda a small biography on Hermann Rorschach the creator of the inkblot test and how he came to create it.  The second part of was about the use of the test and how it slowly went out of favor. I really enjoyed this book as I always like to learn about unique things our society has done or used.  The man Herman Rorschach was actually more interesting than the ink blot test.  I had no idea he was around the same time as Freud and other now well know founds of modern psychology.  Also it was interesting learning how accurate at times the inkblot test was and then how wrong it could be which could have sad effects. I would like to recommend this book especially if you are interested in the history of modern psychology.

I was given this book from Blogging for Books for free and not required to give any type of positive review.

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