Friday, April 1, 2016

Book Recommendation and other thoughts

"A Mother Reckoning, Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy" by Sue Klebold is her memoir of coming to terms with what happened and what her son had done at Columbine.  This was a powerful book which she really writes how she felt and having to coming to terms with what her son Dylan had done.  It is sad how people threaten her life and even the lives of distant family members over what Dylan had done.  I was glad to read that some people that were also affected by the tragedy did come help them also.  It was tragedy all around.  I highly recommend this book and now to the possible toe stepping portion that is coming from my thoughts after reading this book

 She really talked a lot about how we don't know everything that goes on in our teens lives or whats happening with changes in their brains.  She talked about how sometimes parents will think that they know everything about what is happening with their teen but they don't(does someone know everything you do or all your thoughts). That is so true and it really made me think of the Christian and home school world out there.  I have heard too many parents in the world say well my child has been home schooled or is a Christian so I know everything on what they are doing or thinking.  So wrong.  I have seen parents brag about how sweet their child is which the child can be when they are around but when the parents are not around I have seen an almost 180 on that same child.  If someone trys to say anything to the child's parents the parents usually go ballistic on that person not willing to maybe see that junior is not always so sweet or innocent.  Also as a church we have a tendency to put "good" children on a pedestal and when they fall act like its not possible or ostracize the parents like its their fault their child sinned.  We seem to forget that children are sinners also and will fall.  Just because a child grows up in a Christian home or is home school does not mean they will be perfect.  We all need to watch for teens that may be having issues with depression or other thoughts ignoring is what can hurt our teens the most.  Also don't blame other teens if your precious one gets in trouble it might have been your child that started the whole issue.   I know my children are not innocent I have had people try to tell me otherwise and I will usually laugh and say something to point of I know my kids are not perfect they are sinners just like me.   Also remember being in church, growing up in a Christian home or not being in public school does not guaranty that your child will not be bullied or in some cases the bully.

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