Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Boy Born Dead by David Ring with John Driver & David Wideman

"The Boy Born Dead" by David Ring with John Driver & David Wideman is the story of David Ring who literally was born dead and his tragic life story until God got a hold of him.  David was literally born dead there was no life for 18 minutes but he survived but not without the ramifications of cerebral palsy.  David was born in the early 50's and for those who don't know much about the history of how people with disabilities were treated in our society it was not always good but David's mother was a fighter and she fought for him.  However when David was 14 almost 15 his mother died of cancer and that's when the worst abuse happened to David.  I don't want to give away to much of the story but I will say that it dwells into abuse not at the hands of a man but of a woman.  As a society we have a tendency to forget that women can be just as abusive (in all ways including sexual) as men.  This book was wrote not with a sensational twist to it but as the truth lived by David and how God rescued him from a path of death to a path of life.  David's transformation is so very powerful I had never heard his story before and this was a blessing for me to read.  I will add the author also did something that I truly enjoyed which was that when it would have been David speaking he wrote his word just like he would speak them which was not speech patterns. I felt like I was actually hearing David Ring speak.  I highly recommend this book for anyone to read.

I was given this book from BakerBooks a division of Baker Publishing Group and was not required to give a positive review.

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