Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Set-Apart Woman by Leslie Ludy

 "The Set-apart Woman" by Leslie Ludy is a book on the practical ways to live a Godly life for women.  This book started out on a very harsh and legalistic type of note for me.  She starts it with a story of over hearing the worship team discussing the show Saturday Night Live.  She thought it was horrible to go from talking about that to worshipping God like they should not be doing that. She did though bring up that it brought to light her own comprises in life.  It was like she forgot that we are all works in progress, that we are not made perfect as soon as we become Christians. Or that God has worked on us all in the exact same area in our lives sat the exact same time.  I kept reading and her book did help me in ways.  But at times attitude when it came to entertainment culture and other points of culture today was on the if you don't believe and think like I do maybe your not a believer attitude.  Which she at times would say that's not what she was saying but in some ways it was.  I will agree  with her our entertainment culture is in the toilet truthfully its been there for decades there is no arguing that.  I just had a hard time with this book it could go so easily to a legalism stand point. even though it didn't some may take it that way.  This book to me is more of a book for an older believer not a new believer.  A new believer would probable get very discouraged especially if they are very new to the Bible and being sanctified. Cause we are all like onions when it comes to what God is working on with us in other words our path to sanctification.  Some God might be on their first layer sin and others their 20th layer so we can't expect everyone to be where we are. For a more Biblical answer Jesus did not expect Peter to be at the same level as John or James why should we expect everyone to be at the same level as us.  I would recommend this book for a believer that God has already brought down some of the path to sanctification.

I was given this book from Tyndale Publishers for my honest review.

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