Deadly Echoes by Nancy Mehl

 "Deadly Echos" by Nancy Mehl is the second book in the Deadly Echoes book series.  For some reason I have a tendency to request book 2 in a lot of book series.  This one is a book that can stand alone in the series.  It is a murder mystery novel that follows the life of Sarah Miller whose parents were murdered as a child now as an adult the haunting of that incident comes barrelling back when her sister is murdered.  I will admit the first half of the book was on the slower side for me but about half way thru it I started getting excited and did not want to put it down.  We really get to know the character Sarah and her friend Paul Gleason who is a sheriff and yes like most Christian book her love interest.  But thankfully the romance book was very minimal in the book.  I did figure out the who might have been the killer before the climatic portion of the story happened but it still did not ruin it for me.  I do recommend this book if you like murder mysteries.

I was given this book from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review.


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