Saturday, March 14, 2015

Esther by Angela Hunt

 "Esther, Royal Beauty" by Angela Hunt is a historical fiction novel using the book of Esther.  Be warned I am going to be very honest on my dislike of this book.

This was one of the worst re-telling I have every read of the story of Esther. The hints and blatant use of sex in this story was horrible.  The scripture never tell us its sex that turns the kings head to do what Esther requests.  For as much as we know it could have been  her mind or her kindness as scripture says a Godly women's beauty should come from within not outward.  If I had wanted to read such a sexually hinting book I could have gone to the library and picked up a Harlequin romance novel.  Just read the book of Esther itself for the truth of this story not this book.  This one is on my never to read again list. I just don't understand why Christian authors are starting to add such blatant use of sex in their books now days.  I understand that sex is in the scriptures but not in the details and ways you see in these books now days.  Just a big ugh.

I was given this book from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review.

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