Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith

Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith is the true story of how Jennifer married the man of her dreams thinking that life will be peaches and cream after marriage.  But, quickly she finds out that marriage and sex is not always what it seems.  Suffering from an undiagnosed health issue cause issues for her and her husband in the intimacy department.  Her husband and her learned thru all their issues to lean on Christ in ways that they neither had done before marriage.

This book is a wonderful help for any married or even single woman.  It helps to remind us that even if we start our marriage on the right foot no sex outside of marriage it does not mean it will be a wonderful experience.  Sometimes as a woman who did not wait until marriage it seems like we get the attitude of if you had waited everything would be perfect in your marriage simply not true.  Marriage is not easy no matter how the relationship started.  I was really thankful to finally read a book on someones marriage that was open and honest with her readers.  To many times Christian woman like to put on a fake face of that their marriages are always perfect even when it is struggling to survive.  No relationship is perfect.   Also she touches on how if chemicals in products most people use everyday can cause problems with our health that we don't even realize.  Personally I would love to see Jennifer write a book on just that portion of her story also as that part was very interesting to me and I would love more information.  Jennifer is a very good encourager of woman no matter where they are in their faith.  I was very blessed to have read this book.

I was blessed to be given this book from the author herself and she did not require me to give a positive review.

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