Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When Others Shuddered By Jamie Janosz

"When Others Shuddered, Eight Women Who Refused To Give Up" By Jamie Janosz is a good book about eight women who stayed strong and worked hard for Jesus Christ.  The eight women that Jamie Janosz writes about are Fanny Crosby, "Emma" Dryer, "Nettie" McCormick, Sarah Clarke, Amanda Smith, Virginia Asher, Evangeline Booth, and Mary Bethune.  All of these women were born and lived in the 1800's up until the early 1930's.  Fanny Crosby was the only one I knew who she was before this book. This book really gets me into wanting to learn even more about each of these women.  Each was a powerful woman that lived for Christ in her time and went against the norms or what was expected of them. Also most of them had a connection to D.L. Moody.

Fanny Crosby was a famous hymn writer that was blinded since childhood, we still sing a lot of her hymns today.  "Emma" Dryer whose dream was to build a Bible School and with emphasis to also educate women biblically which she thought would help them at home and in society.   "Nettie" McCormick was a very rich woman who used her wealth to help others specifically schools, also with her friend "Emma" Dryer they helped/encouraged D.L. Moody to start his Bible Institute.  Sarah Clarke was a women who with her husband ran a mission and one of the men they preached the gospel to became a famous preacher his name was Billy Sunday.  Amanda Smith was an African American woman who was born into slavery, ends up traveling all over the world helping others learn about Jesus Christ.  Virginia Asher witnessed to women that most people especially at that time nobody would look twice at, the prostitutes and even bar patrons.  Evangeline Booth the daughter of the founders of the Salvation Army rose through the ranks to Commander and was know for helping others including those affected by the 1916 San Francisco.  Mary Bethune was an African American woman who stood up in the face of racism in her era (1875-1955).  All these women had in common was their love for the Lord and wanted to help others.  This was a powerful book and thanks to it I want to learn more about each of these woman.  I highly recommend it as a good book to learn about known and unknown women missionaries.

I was given this book from Moody Publishers for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.

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