Monday, April 21, 2014

Very Powerful Book "Out Of The Depths" by Edgar Harrell, USMC

"Out Of The Depths" By Edgar Harrell USMC is a very powerful book of how he survived the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War 2.  I know you are probable saying never heard of it well neither did I before reading this book.  Even if you are not a fan of reading history books or war history to me this is a must read for everyone.  Mr. Harrell was on the USS Indianapolis when it made a very important and secretive delivery of  uranium-235 to our base in the island of Tinian which unknown to him and his fellow soldiers this was the fuel for the atomic bombs that would be used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Four days later after leaving there delivery in Tinian the ship was sank by Japanese submarines in the Philippines waters. For fours days men that survived the sinking had were trying to survive on the debris of the USS Indianapolis suffering from injuries, and oil burns.  These men had to watch as friends and fellow soldiers would die from injuries, shark attacks, and salt water poisoning.  The book is very graphic but is needed to be wrote about, so I am very glad the Mr. Harrell wrote this. Now as Christian man Mr Harrell also talks about the providence of God and shows his faith in all of this nightmare that happened to him which is big blessing to read.  He continues to write about their miraculous rescue (no one knew that that the ship was missing for 4 days so know was looking for it) and then the cover up.  Yes I said cover up our military tried to cover up and even shifted blame on this tragic incident in our military history.  I won't go into details but even with that he still shows his respect for the military.  I was very impressed by this book and it helped me understand more of the Pacific side of World War 2. 

I was given this book by Bethany House Publishers for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review.

Now onto some personal connections to the area the men of the USS Indianapolis were rescued was the island near the Philippines called Peleliu.  My Grandfather on my dad's side was in the liberation of Southern Philippians in Peleliu which I know was one of the most horrific battles in the Pacific.  My Grandfather has been gone for over 20 years now and I don't quite remember everything he told me about the war but I do remember him saying that he seen some horrific things that he just could not tell as young girl/young teenager.  This book really helped me bring some knowledge to some of the things my Grandfather may have seen.  So I appreciate this author very much as I know most Pacific survivors don't talk much about it.  So I will leave you with this photo of my Grandfather's flag, his military photo and one day we will have his Combat Infantry Badge (its the only badge, medal or ribbons we have left of his) displayed with it.  

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