Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lighthearted post

I am always doing rants so this time I am doing a light hearted post about weird facts about my life.

  • I have been the queen of free on the side of the road, dumpster, or free almost to the dump items.  My funniest find was a TV that the screen didn't work but its sound did.  When my oldest was a baby I found a barely working VCR so then I decided to find a TV, since we didn't own one (I was a single mom working multiple jobs at the time it was before DH I were married, he is the father of my oldest we just were broke up at the time).  So anyway I found one that the screen worked but no sound then my cousin and I found one in the dumpster that the screen did not work but the sound did.  So my now DH fixed  it for me so that I had a dueling TVs, you just had to have them on the same channel so one would be the screen and the other the sound. It used to be fun to watch people change the channel on one TV and wonder why it wasn't working right. Years later, after we got married, we got a huge TV that my DH found on the side of the road that worked if you kicked it enough.  
  • I love the smell of wood chips even when its mixed with the smell of chain saw oil.  I grew up around mill workers and loggers. 
  • I like to work on cars well the older ones but not so much on newer extremely computerized ones.  One of my dreams has always been to be in a demolition derby.  
  • I had one of the originally Hotmail accounts when it was just by word of mouth in 1996, got rid of it long ago cause well long story someone was spamming me severely so I got rid of it..  Also I used to use the Internet when it was BBS boards (curious what that is well then you will have to look it up on your own).
OK I am done just wanted to do a light hearted non book review post today.

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