Thursday, April 3, 2014

Following the crowd?

This thought will probable be a short one.  I am realizing I don't follow trends either secular or Christian.  Sometimes I feel that I am the odd one out that I don't follow the Christian crowd liking the same music or wanting to see the same movies or the same books.  But that's ok following the crowd is not always a good thing.  The crowd is fickle one moment this is cool and a must see and then its the next thing out there.  As Christians we need to remember just cause somethings says its Christian or about God make sure it is.  A lot of what is supposed to be Christian out there is not but most American Christians would not know that as they are not in their Bibles.  Yes I struggle with being in my Bible constantly also but that is no excuse not to verify what is being taught.  Too many times I see people following Christian trends cause it makes them feel good and then are shocked when it comes out that the person, or item is not Christian. Especially when the evidence was already there but cause it made you feel good you did not check it out.  Satan and his cronies do not come as obvious bad guy but comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:44). In other words he will sound like a Christian but will not be one. He will twist scripture just a little bit not a whole lot.  Just remember when we are so focused on the look over here at this new Christian fad and then look here at this new fad we are taking our eyes off of Christ and putting them onto the flesh. See quick rant from me for once.


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