Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter/Resurrection Sunday Memory

As Easter/Resurrection Sunday approaches it always takes me back to 2010 spending Easter in ICU at Dorenbechers Hospital with my youngest son.  I almost even forgot it was Easter that day until I came into his room and seeing the Easter Basket that was left for him(Our oldest and I stayed the night before with my SIL while my DH stayed with our son).  Then the nurses came around letting us know that a church had brought Easter brunch for all the patients visitors and staff in ICU.  It almost made me cry as I usually cook for my family on the big dinners but that year I for some reason decided I did not want to put on a big dinner.  God knew where we would be that Easter.  I still remember being numb from the life flight him and I took the day before, its a feeling I have felt not felt since.  But this food I got to share with my SIL (my DH was in the ICU room with our son as one of us or a family member was always next to him) was such a blessing.  The love and care that this church (I never caught their name) gave to us parents and visitors in ICU was such a blessing.  What I did not know was at about the same time our Pastor at our home church was having the congregation praying for our son before the Easter Service.  The love we felt from all the people around us up there and back home (over 200 miles away) helped us so much during that time of not knowing what was going to happen one day to the next with our son. Even with all this stress we still had a funny thing happen that Easter.  DH and I went to the mall (DH's sister was willing to be with our  youngest in his hospital room so we could get a break together) to get our son some clothes that fit him better as the hospital outfits was too big for him.  Well when got there we found out that every thing was closed, well at first that confused us then we realized duh its Easter.  Ah good and bad memories.

Whats the point of this memory?  Well its this no matter what you may have plan for a holiday please hold them loosely because God might change them.  He has with us many of times as we have come to call Holiday's hospital days as we have had a lot of holiday emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  Remember to keep people in prayers this Easter that you don't see in church they may be at a hospital visiting or in the hospital with a friend or family member.  I still kept my thoughts on what Christ did for us even through all that during that Easter but its one I will never forget.  Christ is our strength and salvation we have done nothing to earn it. Life will not always be easy but remember what Jesus Christ has done for us this Easter/Resurrection Sunday.

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