Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life is a crazy rollercoaster ride

First this post is probable going to be all over the place thought wise. Life is not easy for anyone rich or poor, American or not.  We need to remember that before we judge anyone.  I haven't wrote much on here except book reviews lately cause we have had a major change in our household.  My MIL lives with us right now as her and my FIL have separated (family that are reading this for the first time please private message me about it not public).  So we have rearranged our home and now I am trying to get back on a normal schedule with homeschooling.  The boys are enjoying getting to know their dad's mom (my youngest until now only had seen her a handful times in his life and my oldest we lived near them until he was about 2 then they moved away).  But it is interesting as our lifestyle is very different that what she was used to.

My walk with the Lord has been a struggle lately but I am getting back on the path. It has really helped that I lead a women's Bible study we just started the Book of John.  Also I getting ready to start a bible study on my own with a workbook by Paul Washer if you have never listened to him you are missing out.  The blog Women Living Well has been a blessing also. Like I said this post will be all over the place.

I have also been thinking about how blessed my family has been most don't realize how many times my family has been just days away from being homeless or that we have even lived way way below the poverty level.  We are better off today than we ever been in the past but still struggling some days(its hard feeding a family with multiple food allergies and other diet issues on our income) and we still not very well off according to society thoughts even sometimes other Christian's idea of well off.  For example our newest vehicle which is mine is 15 years old and my dh's truck is 28 years old both have their issues (his truck has to be parked a certain way otherwise it don't start it needs a part that is no longer made) but both are paid off.  But we are stilled blessed by this we used to have $500 vehicles that we would bounce between or vehicles that leaked carbon monoxide into the car.  No I am not saying yeah me but saying that God has blessed us many times and in many ways that we would not expect.  Life is not always easy and we need to remember that when we see the mom angry at her child, the homeless person or family on the street corner or the park, or the person that is not wearing the latest style and is wearing stuff you know they have had for years (trust me I have had those looks as some of my clothes are about 7 years old at least).  Please don't look down on them just realize you don't know what is going on in their life and pray for them.  You also may not realize that God has worked with them more than you realize even though they are not at the standards you think they should be at.

Okay I think I am done for now please pray for my family as God works with us and shows us things that we need to change or is changing for us.  With Christ we don't stay in our comfort zone very often.  Life is good even if it is a roller coaster.

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