Friday, October 25, 2013

Christian Non-Salvation Issues

Warning I am not soft peddling my feelings on this subject of Christian non-salvation issues so if you are offended easily then stop reading. And I will not accept any nastiness in comments about non-salvation issues. Here is a light hearted spacer to enjoy if you don't want to read the rest of the post, the picture is of my shoes that my husband bought me, yep platform Converse.


Still reading well then you have been warned

  Seriously people this time of year seems to bring out the nastiness in all sides on non-salvation issues.  I don't know why it does.  Here is some examples of non-salvation issues that I have seen lately that have had more debates on that need be. We should have an attitude on them of if thats your personal conviction fine as neither side is wrong.

Non-Salvation Issues (my belief after the example and if you feel opposite of me that's fine with me)
Home school or Public School (We do both, 1 home schooled and 1 public schooled)
Halloween or no Halloween (Nope not for us and we used to be big fans of it, except we do pass out candy with verses attached to them)
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (Doesn't matter to me on which one is used, I know shocker but its not a salvation issue.  Besides I get more mad about Christ being removed from some so called Christian churches than a holiday that is not in scripture.)
Vegan or meat eater (I am a meat eater I physically get sick without meat products in my diet regularly)
TV or No TV (we don't own a TV but watch some shows on-line)
Republican or Democrat (I am neither, I am an independent.  I have seen some of the underbelly of the Government personally in DC when I was 17 and it cemented me as an independent.)
Dresses only or non dresses (I personally am skirts/dresses only and I don't believe every woman should be like me) 10/30/15 Update now I wear pants as my hip used to pop out a lot now it doesn't as much thanks to wearing pants.

Why do we allow these non-salvation issues to divide us as Christians?  Or why do we get annoyed or snippy or nasty or uppity with others who believe differently on these non-salvation issues.  I am sick of seeing followers of the Lord Jesus Christ arguing over non salvation issues while their Lord and Savior is being ignored or even replaced by other things by churches and people that say they are Christians.  We are to be spreading the gospel and not fighting/arguing over non-salvation issues.  I am just sick of seeing these things taking our eyes off of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

When did us Christians get such a thin skin about non-salvation issues and not get upset about salvation issues?
Rant over


  1. I concur. I have always wondered about that. As my all time favorite pastor use to say "Only you know what God wants you to do and your relationship to God." He wasn't there to tell you to wear dresses, stay clean shaved, wear no makeup, not to wear jewelry, not to watch TV, or any of that. His job was to guide his congregation to find a closer relationship to God through God's word and his own actions. His job was to bring sinners to salvation by telling them of God's love and promises. I was blessed that both times that I livesd in the town that was the worst place I ever lived God had him move there and had my sisters the first time find his church (which wasn't easy since it was in the police department) and have me find him again many years later when I moved back. The point is he said the "God knows we all have different needs and that is why there are different denominations. Some need stricter rules and others need a more open forum." I agree. God made me and I know I need to be a better Christian, but even at my best Gid knows I need freedom to be free. I wouldn't do as well in a strict church. The spirit God ave me would suffer under to strict of a forum. That isn't to say a person shouldn't follow what God does say is important. It is just to say if I was forced to pray a certain way, to only wear dull colors, not be able to wear pretty artwork (a.k.a. jewelry and some clothing), or to hear certain types of music I do think my soul would suffer. Yet others need strictness to keep then on the path of salvation.

  2. It's not just the petty stuff either, Marie. I see more and more division over certain doctrinal differences (sprinkle vs. full submersion, pre-trib/post trib/amillenial etc.) There was a time when learned men with varying thoughts and interpretations were able to engage in open and civil discourse, because at the end of the day, they knew that they were worshiping the same God. Now if you don't buy into the popular thinking you're branded a heretic. It makes me sad. I would love to have more open discussion in the church.


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