Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bride For Keeps By Melissa Jagears

A Bride For Keeps by Melissa Jagears is a historical romance book about a poor farmer named Everett Cline who has tried a few times in the past to find a mail order bride and a young woman named Julia Lockwood who comes from a well to do family from Boston.  

When will I learn not to choose books to review that are romance books.  Anyway this book is not your standard man sees mail order bride its rough but fall in love right away type. Right away we find out that Everett has sent for 3 other mail order brides and has lost each one from death to another man marrying them.  While Julia is running from an emotional abusive dad and a man that only wants to marry her for her dad's business connections.  Everett did not send for Julia his friend Rachel has sent for you and he has no idea that she is coming for him.  Everett is a sweet man who needs a wife to help him in the rural area of Kansas that he lives in but he has no interest in sending for a wife.   While Julia is trying to get as far away from her father and his business associate as possible even if that means being the wife to a poor Kansas farmer.  Everett is shocked that his friends send for him a new bride and even more shocked to see how beautiful and refined Julia.  He thinks she is too good for him and is afraid of loosing such a nice and pretty woman.  She is not sure what to think and wonders if he even cares for her.  Throughout the book we find out both of their history and see how they slowly fall in love with each other.  An accident Julia has brings them even closer to the point they fall in love.  It is slow at first but it finally picked up after awhile.  If you are into a Christian Historical Romance novels then this book is for you.

I received this book from BethanyHouse publishing for my honest review.

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