Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Original Jesus by Daniel Darling

"The Original Jesus" by Daniel Darling is a book about tearing down the myths our society has created about Jesus.  This author does not mix words and is willing to tear down Christian society sacred cows.  What do I mean by sacred cows I mean the attitude such as Jesus would be a conservative Republican or a liberal democrat (it always was interesting to me that people think he would be either one).  In other words beliefs that people will argue with you over even though they can't back it with Scripture.  He also goes after the super  popular word of faith or otherwise known as the name it claim Jesus.  Or the Dr. Phil Jesus which is the Jesus that will make your life better and not about salvation from sin.  He really tears into the false Jesus's the American church as build up which I was very thankful that he did.  But I will call irony on one of the recommendation on the back of the book which is the recommendation of Jim Daly president of Focus On The Family.  They are well known for at times pushing a conservative Republican Dr. Phil type Jesus so the irony of that just go to me.  I will add that book was good but could have been better if he would have added more scriptures on the true Jesus of the Bible but I am glad he pushes/points the reader to search the scripture not man's opinion of Jesus.  I will recommend this book but also seek the scriptures more than any man's book.

I was given this book from BakerBooks a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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