Thursday, January 1, 2015

Look back at 2014 and forward to 2015

Well this year I am going to start with a typical type post reviewing things in my life from last year.  Then put goals for 2015 down.
  1. Walked the Color Run in May.
  2. MIL moved out in August.
  3. Family member had major stroke and heart attack in the end of August.
  4. Learned major lesson on dealing with extreme hoarders don't ever I mean ever let them while in the hospital say its ok to get rid of stuff.  The are not thinking straight.  Even if you think its a good idea its not!  Yes we cleaned some trust me not enough but it is all back to that way again and we still get complaints about stuff that was buried and broken we got rid of but they decided now the items were wanted.
  5. Thanks to the hoarder lesson I have been on kick to purge my house I don't want to do that to my family.
  6. Started working on getting in better shape even lost about 20 pounds that is hard for someone with Hypothryoidism and cause of my past weight issues its also a mental game for me. 
  7. Started wearing pants again.  The story behind that was my hubby bought me a pair to wear so I could go hunting with him without getting caught in the branches.  Anyway I was hiking in the hills with him and realized my hip did not pop out once while hiking like it usually did.  See my hips have a tendency to pop out easily.  So we decided that I need to wear pants again on and off since they do help with keeping my hips in place.
  8. Learned that crazy people are still crazy no matter how nice you are.
  9. Learned how precious my kids are.  For Christmas this year I was blown away by their kind attitudes about gifts. Our oldest only wanted headphones to replace the ones his brother broke and clothes.  Our youngest told me that we got him too many gifts, we only got him a Bach cd (he loves classical music) and 3 new lego sets (2 small ones and a medium one, Amazon around Christmas has an excellent lego sale for my lego loving friends).  I was just blown away by them. 
  10. Was reminded on how very blessed I am by my hard working hubby (works 40 hours a week or more depending on the time of year with a swing shift job) who when we need extra money will do odd jobs or sell things so that I can still homeschool, go to our homeschool co-op, and only work very part-time.
  1. Continue to declutter my house and keeping it clean.
  2. Continue are my getting in better shape.  I want to be stronger and healthier and down to my final goal weight of 160 by my 40th birthday which is in 2017.
  3. Be in the scriptures more this year.
  4. Walk more.
  5. Watch my oldest graduate High School.
  6. Stay away from family drama as much as possible.
  7. Try to make more closer local friends
  8. As much as possible stay away from crazy.
  9. Keep a better positive/negative attitude.  Yes a person has to be negative sometimes but not all the time.
  10. Keep up on my reading and staying off the computer.
My goals are not big ones or ones that I will completely do this year (well one I will be able complete this year) but ones I can work on all year.

May the Lord bless you this year.

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