Monday, December 8, 2014

Weird post/thought

This is just a weird post and thought.  Well after ten years of being skirts and dresses only while rarely ever wearing pants I am back to wearing jeans on and off.  A couple months ago  my hubby bought me a pair of pants from Goodwill to wear while hunting with him.  Well anyway while I was hiking around with him and it dawned on us that my hip did not pop out of place once while hiking like it usually does when I wear skirts hiking or walking a lot.  So now I am back to wearing jeans but  I still wear skirts and dresses.  Now when we went to Goodwill and Walmart around the same time to buy a couple of cheap pairs at first I was like ugh I will have to deal with low waist jeans not knowing that they would work best for me.  Ok women's high waisted jeans have always been to short in the legs for me so in the past I used to only buy jeans in men's before going skirts only.  I have a weird shape, long legs and long torso with broad shoulders (men's clothes used to fit me better than women's even when I was anorexic as a teen I know weird).  So I was shocked that the style of low waisted women's jeans actually fit me very well and are modest for me (shirts are still an issue getting them long enough so I just layer but that was problem when I was skirts only also).  Such a blessing.   I know odd out there post but I just wanted to post this.

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