Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Style

 First off this is of me stepping on my oldest sons toes (just slightly) for my stepping on toes posts.  He loved the idea of personalizing my rants/thoughts that are toe stepping ones.  Anyway this one may not be one or it could be one so here goes.

A friend of mine shared a picture on Facebook of two senior citizen women in some neat outfits that outside of the norms of today's society and said that could be us when we get older.  Well that got me to thinking I already dress out of societies and even Christian societies norms. No not immodest but some of my outfits are not what you would expect from a skirt wearing Christian lady.  For example I have worn hot pink nail polish with black crackle nail polish over it or studded leggings with my skirts.  Or see the pictures below.
My spider earrings (hubby bought for me around Halloween but not for the holiday he just knew I would like them and wear them all year long)  The ring and bracelet a friend got me for my birthday along with a big cross necklace.
One of my hats in my starter collection of hats. One even has a studs on it.

The boots I am wearing while I type this.

 I know these are some of my tamest pairings (I miss my old biker jacket but it got severely moldy years ago and I had to get rid of it) but I still get odd looks from people. I have heard people say why would I dress like this or is it cause I miss being teen no way I like being a grown woman. The reason is I wear things that I like them and they are modest and are me.  Why do others dress like they do its cause its what they like so if what I wear is different from what others like why is it wrong?  I know I am 36 (Yes I admit my age) but why do I have to dress exactly like every other mid to late thirties woman. So I don't its not me I dress how I like and my husband likes, he is already used to my unique look its one of the things that he loved about me when he first met me. Ok  this was just something on my mind lately.  And if you are interested in the site of these wonderful seniors dressing how they like and not what society says they should its

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