Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Bible's Answers to 100 of Life's Biggest Questions by Norman Geisler & Jason Jimenez

"The Bible's Answers to 100 of Life's Biggest Questions" by Norman L. Geisler & Jason Jimenez  is book about common questions people ask about life such as Why are we born into sin and many other questions.   I liked how the authors answered the questions, then gave application, then Bible references and recommend books on the subject.  What I did not really enjoy was that the answers at times seemed very short and could have been longer.  I would have rather had this book in a multiple of series of books with longer answers than short answers in one book.  This book to me was not geared towards unbelievers but to believers that have questions.  So if you were thinking these would be great for your unbelieving friend or family member stay clear its more to answer a believers questions.  So I recommend it but be warned the answers were on the short side.

I was given this book from Baker Books a division of Baker Publishing Group for my honest review and was not required to give a positive review

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