Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just a thought post nothing big

Yep my very few readers I have posted very little already this month. Be warned this is scattered brained for me.  For some reason I have gotten into a funk where I am not wanting to read plus lots of other things have been happening in my life right now (for example my washer is about dead and this is the time of the year our vehicles have minds not like to run very well if at all) and I just don't want to write either.  We all get into a funk sometime in their life. I am still trying to put myself out there and be a friend which is hard since I am introvert. Some days its harder than other days as it seems like I have more acquaintances friends than close friends.  Cause of our schedules and finances I can't do a lot of the things like other moms I know do.  When other mom's are available to get together I am usually at work or its when my husband is off work.  Besides I don't run in the same circles as most of the women I know except at our home school co-op.  I have always been an odd duck and it usually does not bother me until I get into a funk.  Then I really miss having close friends near by as my best friend lives in another state. And she understands my weirdness and all my odd likes. I am though very blessed to have a husband who is also my best friend. Just sometimes us women just need another woman to talk to or hang out with.  I remember I must cling to Christ and I do.  I wanted to write this as I know we all go through this at one time or another but we have a tendency not to talk about it as we want to put out the good things and not mention the hard times in life.

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