Friday, February 28, 2014

Book reviewers

WARNING a bad saying is used as I was repeating what was said by a radio personality.

Ok I was listening to a radio "star" personality (I am not publishing his name as I don't think that will add anything to my thoughts) and he said something that kinda made me mad as a book reviewer. He was talking about how we should not give any credence to someone who writes reviews  and has never wrote a book or published anything. Well I am sorry that is baloney.  He was saying this cause someone wrote a 1 star review  on a friend of his book on Amazon (major author he said) and that made him mad (he called them a piss ant and a 14 year old living in mom's basement). Saying we are reading reviews of people that have never written a book or have been published or sold a single thing also same thing with music artists. Even saying why do you think your opinion matters it may matter to God but not to the rest of us.  I did agree that we shouldn't be nasty or mean or if we wouldn't say to their face then we shouldn't put it on the Internet but I have every right to say why I did not like about a book or even a music artist. We ask friends and even others what their recommendations are for restaurants, books, movies, etc and we don't ask them first if they have ever done that type of job for a living. That is exactly what us non-author book reviewers do we are giving our opinion no one said an author has to like our opinions just like we are not required to like their books. Just cause someone has not wrote a book or even published an article does not mean that what they say in a review is not worth anything.  If it wasn't for non-authors and others giving recommendations and reviews then a lot of books, movies, or even restaurants would not be as big or even as popular as they are.  When I applied to publishers and other organizations to be a book blogger reviewer not one of them asked if I was an author or have published anything so that I can be able to review a book.  I am just an avid reader so what is wrong with me reviewing books even though I am not an author? So what are you saying sir is that unless I am an author I can't state my opinion on a book well I am sorry I am legally allowed to allowed to do so, so I will do it. Yes I don't know what the review said and yes I have seen bad reviews that are just nasty.  However, some could say my negative reviews are mean but I explain why I don't like a book and I am not going to sugar coat it. I will be polite but not sugar coated.  Sorry needed to vent.

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