Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can laundry be a blessing?

I know a quick answer is yes of course it is, God provides us with clothing. But that's not what I was reflecting on today.

A little over 3 years ago, we almost lost our youngest (I know most of you know this but I bring it up a lot as reminder to people to never take for granted that your children will always be healthy and be with you until you die).  Anyway back to laundry.  See I never thought of laundry as a blessing just a never ending chore like dishes.  However when you are at a children's hospital almost 4 hours away living in a hospital room with your child you want something from your normal routine.  Our son was originally in ICU after being life-flighted from our home then was transferred to a regular room. Once they got his lungs stabilized (his right lung had started to collapse from undiagnosed severe asthma) we were able to leave his room as a couple without leaving his Aunt there with him (until then we made sure someone was always in his room with him).  We still only left him for 15 minutes or 30 if we went downstairs to have a quick meal.  Well one night we realized we must do laundry as we did not bring many clothes and could not afford to buy any.  Turns out the hospital has a laundry room for parents that are staying with their children. 

A hospital parent laundry room made life feel normal after watching our son being so sick.   We could visit like we were just at a laundry mat except when another set parents would come in you would look at each other and just know by their eyes that they have the same mutual understanding about the stress going on in yours and their lives right now.  The laundry room made us laugh which we had not been able to do much up until then.  It made us laugh as one of the washer got so off balanced that it reminded us of our first washer which someone had to sit on to keep it balanced (our oldest learned to read on that washer as a small child I would set him on it and give him a book to look at while it ran so he taught himself to read).  But as soon as we opened the door to the hallway we knew we were back at the hospital.  So yes laundry is a blessing it brought a since of normalcy to us during a time of trial.  Yes I still get annoyed by laundry and still can't stand putting away the clothes but I am thankful I can do it at my home now or at my local laundromat and not at a hospital.  The Lord is good!

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